Daily iOS game downloads = 5 million by 63m iOS gamers

Ever wondered just how many people play games on their iOS devices and how many games get downloaded per day from the App Store? Well here is the closest answer we have gotten so far; 63 million iOS gamers downloading 5 million games per day.

Distimo and Newzoo gamers survey

It is market research outfits Distimo and analytics firm NewZoo that in their National Gamers Survey for March 2011 concludes that there are approximately 63 million iOS gamers out there downloading about 5 million games apps a day. The research covers the US, UK, and five other European countries, showing that gamers in these countries downloaded about 2.5 games per month.

According to their research about half of all apps downloaded across these markets are games, covering both the free and the paid for apps, with the majority being downloaded on iPhone or iPod Touch, perhaps an indication of the strenght the iPod Touch has as a gaming device. There are currently speculations that the next generation iPod Touch 5 will receive a larger screen for an even better gaming experience when it will likely be announced in September.

With many gaming apps being offered for free (88% of downloaded top 300 games) developers are taking to in-game purchases to make money off their games, generating about two-fifth of total revenue. Perhaps that is part of the reason for Lodsys taking the case forward for developers having to get a license from them to use in-app purchasing, a battle that is now going back and forth i’m sure between Lodsys and Apple.

[source: Distimo via Razorianfly]


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