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iPod Touch 4 with Retina display and double camera announced – Breaking News

With the live Apple Music event just concluding we are happy to announce that Apple has officially launched the brand new iPod Touch 4 with Retina display,  front facing facetime camera, and a rear HD video camera as well.

The new 4th generation iPod Touch 4

It looks like most of what has been rumoured has been delivered today, with the important parts being Retina display and camera. The new 4th generation iPod Touch 4 has also received the new Apple A4 chipset for improved processing, and it has all been packaged into an even slimmer designed iPod Touch.

With the new iOS 4.1 for the new iPod Touch 4 also comes Gamecenter for social gaming between friends + many other new features.

We will be back with a full iPod Touch 4 review later, and updated best price iPod Touch 4 tables when retailers start announcing their prices.

Older rumours around the iPod Touch 4 follows below.

Retina display and leaked images of facetime camera

With only weeks expected until Apple announces the new 2010/11 range of Apple iPods, new leaked images of what could be the iPod Touch 4 with facetime camera has found their way into the market. Components in the images are clearly marked with Apple, but so far no official word on if this is actually images of  the 4th generation iPod Touch.

Further information also suggest that the new iPod Touch 4 will receive the same Retina display as the iPhone 4.

facetime, camera, and 3G data plans

Following some John Lewis based “leaks” the next generation iPod Touch 4 will get many of the new features found in the iPhone 4, including the camera and facetime functionality. However many other online sources think this might be too good to be true, and that we are more likely to see a camera similiar to iPhone 3GS, and if we are lucky facetime and 3G version of the iPod Touch 4.

Release of iOS4 and iPhone 4

With the release of the iPhone 4 and the announcement of the iOS 4, which by the way will be a free upgrade for all 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touch owners, there are some positive possibilities to take out of it.

The iPhone 4 has received the A4 chipset from Apple, as well as an improved battery and of course the 5 megapixel camera, including a forward facing one for video calling. Given what Apple has been able fit into a smaller framed iPhone 4, there should be nothing stopping Apple from adding some of these features to the 4th generation iPod Touch 4 as well, unless they are not interested in breathing new life into the iPod Touch that is.

Firmware 3.1.3 reveals iPod Touch G4 code name N80

In the aftermath of the Apple iPad launch and the upgraded iPhone 3.2 SDK and 3.1.3 firmware, Engadget has been digging deep into the code of the firmware upgrade revealing references to two new models, the N89 and the N80. They have strong sources indicating that the N89 is the code name of the coming iPhone 4G, whilst the code name N80 is in reference to the 4th generation iPod Touch G4.

Older news and rumors around the 4th generation iPod Touch 4G follows below.

The iPod Touch vs Apple iPad

In many ways the Apple iPad is like an oversized iPod Touch, with some added features, features that we might be getting with the next iPod Touch as well. In the aftermath of the iPad launch it also became known that Apple has changed their mind over VOiP apps over 3G network, revising their Program License Agreement together with the newly released Software Development Kit, opening up for apps to utilize the cellular networks. As we now know, the Apple iPad will feature a micro SIM card tray, so the question has to be raised; will the 4th generation iPod Touch 4G feature a SIM card tray as well?

The way we see it there is no doubt that the Apple iPad will have an impact on the sales of the iPod Touch in the future. Given its price point, closer to the iPod Touch, its larger screen, and the addition of iBook, there is going to be some cannibalization between these two Apple products. However we believe that the iPod Touch will still have a strong future if Apple delivers the same functionality in the 4th generation iPod Touch.

Give the iPod Touch an improved processor, SIM card tray with 3G data connectivity and unlocked data plans,  and a camera, and Apple might just get the portable gaming device that will complement the Apple iPad. That combination will however raise the question around the balance between the iPod Touch and the Apple iPad on one hand, and the iPhone -  it is a fine balance Apple is walking to ensure that all products deliver the optimum for the bottomline and value for the shareholders.

Camera and flash

Ever since Apple announced the 3rd generation iPod Touch without camera back in September 2009 we have all been scratching our heads wondering what happened and why. With the likely issue being problems with a camera sensor that has now been fixed, we are again looking at camera for the iPod Touch, and perhaps the 4th generation iPod Touch G4 will come earlier than September 2010.

Some have speculated in the iPod Touch getting an iPod Nano type video camera as early as spring this year, but we think that would just lead to more dissappointment from the hords of iPod Touch fans out there. With the latest rumors that Apple is looking to purchase LED flash camera components for the iPhone 4G,  expected summer this year, there should be hope that the same components can also find their way into the iPod Touch 4G 4th generation, with perhaps a slightly earlier release date than the normal September for iPod renewals.

Although this is speculations based on rumors around the iPhone 4G, we could be looking at a 4th generation iPod Touch G4 featuring a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, something that would be a significant boost over the current model, especially of combined with other expected features.

Some of the other features one could expect from the 4th generation iPod Touch G4 would be:

  • Improved capacity to 128GB with the new NAND flash memory chips
  • Improved processing speeds and network capabilities
  • Multitasking with background processing of applications
  • Improved battery life

Some of the above are more likely than others as Apple has always improved the iPod Touch once a year with improved components. With gaming use and the increase in apps that are getting more and more resource heavy, improved battery life is turning out to be a popular request, and a very welcomed improvement.

We will be back with more information as more the sources become more reliable about the 4th generation iPod Touch G4.


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180 Responses to "4th generation iPod Touch 4G central: See the new iPod Touch 4"

  1. MYSTYK says:

    Will we really, really get the camera this year??? For real this time?!

    Eh, even though I’m one of those folks that was disappointed after camera debacle last year, I’m guessing after a another year of r&d we’ll finally get what we were more or less promised eight months ago. Especially in light of the apparent iPhone 4G upgrade.

    I’m thinking though that w/ so many new products/upgrades on it’s plate like the iSlate and the iPhone 4G, Apple will likely stretch out the introductions in an effort to spread it’s momentum across the balance of the year. So I’m thinking iSlate by mid to late Feb, iPhone 4g mid to late spring and iTouch 4g at it’s normal time in Sept.

    . . . but then again, who knows w/ these folks?!

  2. Joe says:

    Well iPhone 4G might release on Spring 2010 and iPod Touch 4G in fall 2010 as usual and before you know it they will jailbreak it

  3. Angelina says:

    A camera would be amazing on the next ipod touch. I would also love to have them in many colors!! just like the ipod nano :>

  4. Ryan Daley says:

    I Thank God ive been waiting for Ipod touch with a camera for ages!
    Since i broke my 1st gen ive wanted a New one a saw a camera was rumored so ill buy that!
    And if it is September like you said! that 1 month after my birthday :)

  5. Karla says:

    I can’t wait for the iPod touch g4 to finally come out. The iPod touch really needs a camera. There’s soooooo many apps that require a camera so this would be VERY helpful. Plus i don’t get picture mail on my phone so we could finally recieve and send picture mail on our iPod touches!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus September is my birthday!!!!!(:-b~~~>~~~~<

  6. Karla says:

    Can’t wait. (:-)~~~~>~~~~~~~~<

  7. Shelley says:

    I don’t own any Apple products but was very interested in getting an iTouch. So I went to the local Apple store and spoke the saleswoman about all the features and what I could do with it. I was thrilled with the little device until I asked the QUESTION. Does it have a camera? The saleswoman said no. I gave her a look like a deer staring into head lights. What no camera! After she said you can save photos, share photos, sync photos… Well, that blew the sale right there. Unless the new iTouch comes with a camera, I don’t want it.

    Currently, I am using a HP iPAQ and it is painful. I want to be able to check my email without having to purchase a data plan from my cell phone company. Being able to connect to the web and take pictures when I am out of the country is huge for me. Not to mention, I want to use Skype and having a camera could open up the possibility of video calling.

    Geez, I hope Apple gets it together for 2010 or I’ll take my money and spend it on something else.

  8. jobba says:

    Is this not a ploy by Apple to maintain the premium on the iPhone. Surely if the ipod touch had a camera the differences between the iPhone and the touch would be further reduced, and therefore either the price of the iPhone would have to come down or the touch to go up!

  9. As a long time owner of the original 1st Generation iPod Touch, I have been waiting for the threshold generation iPod Touch to be released, with the works. Every year I am disappointed. Hopefully old Steve “bring em’ back alive” Jobs, will come through this year. I’m not gonna get might hopes up yet though, but if the 4th Gen. iPod Touch is released with the features I think will be in it. Definitely buying, hands down, and I’m marrying Steve and having his babies. Period.

  10. brad says:

    uuummmmmmmm helo to the person ho wrote the website if the 4g ipod touch gets a sime tray that would be the iphone duuuuu y would they put a sime tray on an ipod touch because then it would be a iphone i think they will mack flash for it and add a 3 maga pixil camra with auto focus my gess no f sime tray i dont now what that doood was thinking

  11. brad says:

    ooooo and HD screen

  12. Chom says:

    Lawl I want

  13. ummm says:

    Ummm Shelley, Is not a iTouch. Is an iPod Touch…..okay thanks!! But I really hope this time it has a damn camera and video recorder.

  14. mame says:

    Seams like the rumor mill has dried up since we heard about the release of the firmware update. They have pics with a camera on it and they look legit, they have a spot in the 3g touch for a camera, they have all they need, now they need to release it. I only started caring a month ago but now I am annoyed!!!

  15. anyone says:

    I don own any apple stuff before, and i wanted to buy too !

    but face it , if the ipod touch has an camera, i doubt no one would wants to buy the iphone anymore, apple is smart .

    and, what for u need to skype with ur friends/family using ipod touch when u can webcam with them on ur laptop/computers with much bigger screen?!

  16. Damiand says:

    If apple doesn’t come out w/ a camera on the g4 itouches,I may just put one in myself!

  17. retry4 says:

    Maybe it might feature a camera. Apple definatly has plans, their last atempt failed miserably but I have confidance on this one. They’re masters at compressing stuff into small devices (like the MacBook air). Well have to wait and see for ourselves. It would be great if apple added a camera. The memory on the iPod touch is insane, 64 GB, 128 GB would be too much, they should focus their energy on other things like a camera, forward facing camera, FM tuner and batterie life. The app store would benifit from a camera (like Skype) or a type of bluetooth chat, radio recorder… there’s all type of oppertunities with those extra features. I feel apple is putting too much thought into making money with the app store and not on the versitility of the iPod touch, iPhone and especialy the iPad. The app store is an awsome applicaton on the iPhone OS, but apple has gone way, way, way, way, way too far!

    proudly writen by yours truly:


  18. Allison says:

    I am not allowed to get a phone yet, and I don’t want to with all the monthly fees and such, but I would love to get this! I could just get the app for texting and do that instead of phoning. Yes, there are free texting apps, I know because my cousin has a iPod Touch/iTouch and she got the free texting app. So, she gets 14 free texts a day, and then she can’t text for the rest of that day. I tell my family about my friends from school, and I could take a picture of them to show them and I could make videos of me and my family to show my friends. I have never bought any Apple products before, but my parents both have iPods. My dad has a regular or original iPod, and my mom has a iPod Shuffle. I’d like to have this! So my brother and I are going to raise money together to get this. His birthday is in September, and mine is in April, so we could raise money to get this and maybe get it the day of his birthday, if it’s out in stores. But, I have one question: Does anyone know how much it might cost?

  19. Saeder says:

    the ipod touch 16gb is gonna be $199 while the 32gb is gonna be $269 and the 64gb is $399 and the (possible) 128gb ipod touch will probably be around $600.

  20. lili says:

    ipod touch 4th generation better coome with a camera i been waiting for this i was going to buy ipod touch 3rd generation but i can wait. it better come with a camera………im excited!!

  21. Deep says:

    I don’t thing the iPod touch 4g will be having a camera. Apple likes screwing qith people’s hopes and I think that the inclusion of a camera in the next iTouch will make it too much competition for the Iphone 4G and the iPad. The business guys at APple sure know what they’re doing! I seriously doubt the iTouch didn’t have a camera because of production problems. iMac 27″ had so many screen problems and they were due to production flaws. That didn’t stop Apple from shipping them!

  22. SombreroPete says:

    With all that is happening around the Apple iPad and the expected iPhone 4G there are quite a few factors against the iPod Touch getting a camera, unless we are talking about a camera similar to the one that is found in the current iPod Nano, which in my opinion would not be what we all would be looking for. Hopefully this time i will be wrong though.

  23. Reno says:

    Apple said that last year iTouch did not have a camera because there was simply no more room for it. It did not fit. They might release one for this new iTouch. For people who are planning to buy the new iPad, WHY BOTHER?!! 64GB’s?!! COME ON!!! You guys know Apple is just messing with you guys! They’re probably gonna release another one next year with more memory and features! Besides, it’s just and over-sized iTouch!

  24. 0verLord says:

    I WANT. A . FUCKINg, CAMERA!!!!!! THATS WHAT I WANT. I DONT WANT AN IPHONE ‘CAUSE SORRY TO SAY THIS But it’s gay, i love my blackberry. BUT I WANT A CAM! Pics look so damn nice on an iphone. GET A CAMERA ON THAT MOFO or ill boycot their products and stalk steve!

  25. Sammo Cook says:

    I would like a camera. It would make it better and they would sell more also for me 3G connectivity us essential as it allows you to go on the internet anywhere :D wooop so come on Apple!

  26. Wesley says:

    Ok, I was really wondering about apple’s prize with the IPod touch and all so iPad. I mean a hundred dollars more for just a memory. iPod touch for 32GB cost $299 and 64GB cost $399. iPad for 16GB cost $499, 32GB cost $599 and 64GB cost $699, really is their something about it or it’s just an unworthy idea.

  27. MYSTYK says:

    I am far from an Apple fanatic unlike many others, we only have one Apple product and that is a 10.4 iMac ( yeah, dark ages stuff for some of you ) but I have been wanting an ITouch w/ a camera for over a year now and following most of these camera rumors. With the release of the iPad today though I’m more convinced than ever the 4g iTouch will have a camera. The reason being is that even though I’m not an earlier adopter by any stretch after looking at some of the iPad videos I was like, “WOW, THAT’S PRETTY FRIGGIN KOOL!!!”

    So for $200 or so more than the 64G iTouch you can get the 32G wifi iPad which does everything the iTouch does and then some only bigger and better. My guess is that most people will overwhelmingly choose the iPad unless there is something compelling that differentiates the iTouch as a smaller less capable iPad.

    Enter the iTouch camera.

    If the argument is that a camera on the iTouch would cannibalize iPhone sales, if the iTouch remains as is, there’s absolutely nothing that will prevent iTouch sales from being cannibalized by the iPad. The fact that the iPad looks and feels by many people’s first impressions like a bigger better iTouch, unless Apple intends for the iTouch to be relegated to “also ran” status in their multi-media line up, something will have to be significantly different about the iTouch and not just more memory or widgets or whatever.

    That’s what I think, but I make no claims to the accuracy of validity of my random though and opinions . . .

  28. Brian Pickett says:

    So if you own the 3rd gen iPod touch do you have to buy a new one? Is there some type of trade in deal or something?

  29. gabbagabbagoogoo says:

    why is everyone so hyped about a camera,and by the way apple needs to stop bringing out a new ipod touch every year and extend the time longer because people are just waisting their money on buying a new one every year.

  30. gabbagabbagoogoo says:

    i hope the ipod 4g doeesnt come out

  31. GuavaLava says:

    PLEASE PLEASE produce this before october!! I REALLY NEED IT BEFORE OCTOBER. :(
    and can you just make an ipod touch that has EVERYTHING so people can stop wasting money and ending up with like 10 ipods?

    i want the camera.

  32. Halli says:

    The 4G also needs to have the 3G technoligy so you can access the internet where ever you are…

  33. mam100 says:

    I agree gabbaga. Apple really needs to stop bringing out a different ipod every year, its just a way for them to get money and people to waste theirs. They really need to extend their life on their products. Plus I’m sure many people already own enough ipods for one person. Alot of people also already have a camera as well, with better quality than what they would put on the new Ipod touch (4th generation). If they come out with a camera or not, big deal! It would be nice, but don’t sweat about it if they don’t, save your money!

  34. johnny says:

    Thank god i havn’t asked my parents to get me and itouch! When the new one comes out with a camera, i’m going to hold it up in my friends face and be like “Ha!” But i mean it took 4 geneations to finally add a camera? Ok apple.

  35. john says:

    please sell the ipod 4g after september please, otherwise i wont be able to get it :(

  36. MYSTYK says:

    Just read up on the HP Slate due out in June:


    Fully functioning OS w/ the ability to fun flash and any web browser you want, SD card slot, USB port . . . hmm, I may not bother w/ the iTouch after all. Sure it’s less portable, but it seems much more flexible than even the iPad. Plus, like gabbagabbagoogoo points out, I wouldn’t have to keep chasing the latest and greatest lifestyle device craze like some sort of Apple crack fiend.

  37. BODO says:


    and their damned inscrutable maneuvers. God knows its all profit-centered. Count me among the many who are still babying their generations-old ipod classics in wait of an actual hardware improvement. “Ipads,” are you kidding me? Someone seriously needs to put me in front of Apple’s R&D. Why after nine years is the ipod not customizable? Just imagine your dream model…

    30 gigs…
    FM tuner…
    Iphone style camera…

    Oh wait, that’s just fucking obvious.

  38. MYSTYK says:

    . . . oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that the HP Slate is confirmed to have TWO camera, one front facing for video chat and the other on the back for taking pictures of whatever. While it’s doubtful a camera on the back of tablet PC would be used that much, it’s nice that a manufacturer is giving the consumer a choice of what they might want as opposed to telling them what they do and don’t want.

  39. Scott says:

    The Ipod Touch NEEDS a camera. Not only will it help Apple. it will take Apple’s products a step further than the competition. If Apple plans on getting major profits, they will almost have to include a camera to it. Mainly just because of all the stuff about it last year. No one will buy it if it has been 2 years in a row speculated for a camera and have nothing. For once, a company needs to listen to what the consumers want, not just about how much money they can make. Even though, both will happen if there is a camera on the iTouch. A camera is really what is holding me back buying a new iPod since my really old one broke. I am planning on just waiting until the 4G comes out.

  40. Bammaster says:

    A camera I the 4g? Ive heard it all before and why is it such a bedded feature when there is only room for a Toni nano camera. I do not believe the camera malfunction issue and actually really like the 3rd gem granted that depending on new features I’ll upgrade to 64 for more but only if the next touch is feature rich. Overall all the Ipod touch needs in my opinion is improved battery life fm radio and jailbreaking can do the rest.

  41. Jthal says:

    well, just to start. my 2nd gen touch jailbroken is AMAZing, but i have run out of space. If there is to be a new ipod touch with a camera, (And all the feautures) The IPHONE will drop dirastically. I can call, text, chat, surf on my IPOD TOUCH. If they add a camera, the iphone is done. that is just my view, so say whatever you want. I just love my ipod.

  42. Jcubed says:

    You misspelled “hoardes” LOL.

    These things you all mention that you want for 4g? Not gonna happen. Apple likes to put their cards on the table one at a time. The camera is what I would like the most. I just dont know whether to buy a 3G now or wait til September for the POSSIBILITY of a camera. I have not owned an iPod, touch or otherwise, or any Apple products, but I’ve been waiting for the camera for quite a while. I think that an iPhone (NOT nano) style camera is the best improvement they could make. And, a SIM card would be stupid. Pay for the Wi-fi stuff, plus that would make it an iPhone? Not likely.

  43. CrazyCaucasian says:

    im waiting for the camera to come out before i upgrade my 1g ipod touch for a newer one, with all the minor updates for the ipod touch so far, it doesnt seem worth the money just for a few volume control buttons on the side

  44. I luv my 3rd generation iPod touch. N to be honest the iPad is one really big oversized iPod touch n it sux whoever owns one just got ripped off cuz apple always has upgrades n change stuff about their products n people the iPod touch is one great iPod n a camera would be nice but I believe that the iPod touch’s prices would go up and the iPhone would go down n then people will start to get confused to what to get. They would be like should I get the iPad, the iPhone, or the iPod touch? Apple should focus on the iPod touch’s battery life, features, and faster processing for downloads on the iPod touch  

  45. AlleyTramp says:

    A camera is highly unlikely, this would make the iPod touch too alike to the iphone, so why would anyone buy it? the iPod touch was the middle man between iPod and iPhone, and The iPad the middle of the “touch” products of apple.

  46. Differance? says:

    an ipod touch with camera and sim card? isn’t that just an iphone?

  47. Bammaster says:

    Yeah do not expect 3g that would make it equivalent to a cellphone especially with background voip (iphone os 4.0) which would a be a cheaper uncontracted(as it is on the ipad) plan unless they limited 3g use to no voip then it might work.

  48. fisshy says:

    it better come with a camera cause if it doesnt i will nuke apple

  49. chaucolai says:

    First of all: a complaint not dressed to Apple but iPodRepublic – is it possible to make a filter that denies people posting if they don’t use a single punctuation mark or a question mark?

    Secondly: To the other commenters who seem to be roughly 11 or so, I’m 14 years old and I consider myself having a decent enough grasp on grammar. I might not stand up in front of any Grammar Nazis but I can make my comments legible.

    With that over and done with, I’d like to comment on the actual article.

    I have a 2nd Gen 8GB iPod and I’m thinking of upgrading for multitasking (only available in iPod 3rd gen+ in iPhone OS4), FM radio and more importantly more space – I have about 5mb left over and I’m only syncing 3/4 of my music, 1/16 of my apps and no videos.
    I’m thinking of upgrading, however, I want to know what the iPod fourth gen will bring before I do. I’m getting paid about $300NZ for a website I’ve developed, so I’ll hopefully have pretty-close-to-the-mark for a new iPod (as well as some money from some accounting work and stuff).
    The inclusion of a camera would be nice – I’m still using my old BlackBerry 8100 which has a 1.3MP camera (I’m assuming if they put it in, it’d be at least 2MP or so) and would make me definitely hold out until September-November.

    To those moaning about the constant release of iPods, yes, it IS all a plot to get Apple money. It’s called business. Without business, Apple would crash and burn, we’d have no iPods or anything Mac.
    Plus, every time they release new features, even if it is just extra RAM or a brighter screen. It doesn’t seem like much but comparing my 2nd gen iPod Touch to my friends 2.5 gen iPod Touches and 3rd gen 32GB iPod touches, my games run slower, my apps take longer to load, my screens less crisp and my speakers are just slightly worse – though that last one could be my imagination.
    There’s not much and not enough really for the average user to upgrade, however there’ll always be the people who do need/want those. One of the great things about the iPod touches (well, at least 2nd and 3rd gen) is that there isn’t too much difference between them. I remember when I had iPod nanos, everyone would look down on you on the bus if you didn’t have the latest. I remember hiding my rectangular Nano 2nd gen then my square 3rd gen – gotten just a few days before 4th gen was announced – in my pocket. Then I was the only one with a Touch. Now, with what seems like half the school equipped with newer ones, my iPod doesn’t stand out, despite it being a generation behind. The only reason I’m bothering to upgrade is because of memory.

    With all that, I honestly have no idea about the camera. It’d be eating into the iPhone share, really, but as MYSTIK said, it could be introduced to keep the iTouch (I’m using that dreaded name! Oh no!) able to compete with the iPad.

    So yeah. That finishes my extremely long and rambly comment, sorry if it makes no sense. I may be able to do grammar, I’m unable to structure sentences, so sorry.

  50. Bob Wolfe says:

    If the stars and planets properly align, in September Jobs will intro an iPod Touch with a camera, but no micro SIM (that’s the iPad’s territory). An iPod touch with a camera (but no SIM) won’t steal any thunder from the iPad or the iPhone. I shall put away my crystal ball for now. That is all.

  51. coolenuf says:

    The camera is what everyone is asking for but I think they should put a webcam on the front with a speaker. That way you can do skype video calls etc. from anywhere you have wifi which would be great. I do not and will not pay for a data plan on my phone when wifi is just about everywhere I go. Yes, just short of the iPhone but not quite and no sim so it protects the iPad and gives it its own unique place. Leave the camera on the Nano, keeps segmentation there too. The camera is a non starter for me on the touch since most people already have it on their phone and carry it all the time anyway.

  52. Tanya says:

    Most important having inthe Next Generation4 an internal speaker
    instead of keep using headphone when we jeep to record presentation or lecture
    that would very practical and extremely important and it has to be taken under the consideration

  53. MYSTYK says:

    I’m thinking, now that we’ve seen the iPhone 4g in the aftermath of the Gizmodo vs. Apple debacle and we know it has TWO cameras the iTouch will likely have at least one. That would still differentiate it enough for those that keep saying the iTouch w/ a camera would cannibalize iPhone sales.

    The question is what would be the orientation of the iTouch camera? My hope is that it will be a 3.5Mp camera on the back of the unit capable of stills and video. That would put the iTouch squarely in a unique space between the iPad (no camera) , and the iPhone (two cameras).

    This makes sense to me as a product and marketing strategy, but who knows what Jobs will do at this point?

  54. ryan says:

    i mean come on its the 4th generation…camera on portable devices is old technology….for what generation do we have to wait for to get a camera on the itouch….10th generation?

  55. Weezy says:

    is this real or is this fake? and how much will it cost?

  56. IPMBAIMx2 says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot of out of the box ideas for the new iTouch. Yes i know apple is known for that but the fact of the matter is, they’re already ahead of themselves. In my opinion any changes to current products will be minor and practical. I do think they will increase the memory module, but maybe not to 128gb. A camera is defiantly needed this time around. I think it will be the same 3mp one from the iphone so it can also capture video. I also think they will put a lower res 1.3mp front facing camera for video conferencing. As far as the casing goes, different colors do not seem practical. Apple knows that the metal casing they use now gets scratched very easily and i feel it will be replaces with the aluminum look apples been going for. But only if they resolve the wi-fi issue with it on the ipad, Next i think there will be a built in speaker and mic to go with the video conferencing feature. Another thing is 3G. If they have an optional 3G model, the ipod will be more appealing to users who travel frequently, but will hurt iphone sales. I am also expecting a price drop for 32gb and 64gb models and an added model with more storage.

  57. reinventnv says:

    i place the bet that the new iPod touch will have an OLED screen … so it can be pricey but have a nice screen why not .. then i cant really compete with the i pad

  58. Grammar Gramma says:

    Jcubed: before you LOL at the author’s misspelling of ‘hords’, make sure you’ve got it right. The correct spelling is “hordes”. Your use of the word “hoards” is incorrect. Mocking others is not a sin, but you need to be sure of your facts before you do it, otherwise, well…, people’s gonna be LOLing at you….

  59. Kelly Manster says:

    i have no idea why the hell you want a camera for the freaking itouch. there is a thing call a iphone. i supposedly do not think there would or will be a camera for the itouch, cause the iphone and the itouch is so freaking similar. if there is a camera for the itouch, then why is the iphone there. i mean if there is then what is the use of the iphone for being so freaking expensive. i mean it is cool to have a itouch but what is the use if there is a phone that has the exactly same technique besides the camera and the calling. i mean you want a camera that has a mp3 access like the itouch, then just a iphone with a cheaper price!

  60. DZ says:

    You may be right that they will not decide to put a camera on the new iTouch 4gen (although they will certain hear it from consumers), but putting one on the iTouch does not make it an iPhone. I don’t own either right now, however, I would definitely purchase the iTouch w/ cam because I want the features w/o having to sign a contract with AT&T…Verizon still has much better coverage in my area.

  61. JOhn...:) says:

    Even im planin to get an itouchG4..u sure it will launch evrywhere in sept??coz i cant wait to get my hands on it..im tooo excited!!!!evn im planin to get a BB bold next month..lol jus bcoz its the coolest thng arnd rite nw…but if im nt gonna use a mail features whats the use??pl help me..im jus a student..i love it though…

  62. Mr. Sexy says:

    If the 4G ipod touch does not come out with a camera at least, I will seriously not buy a single apple product ever again. I currently have a 4G ipod nano, and it sucks balls. It is so glitchy and freezes constantly. The album cover feature is such crap. Seriously, I’ve been wanting an ipod touch for a while now and I do not have a camera, so this feature is perfect. I don’t want an iphone because ATT is crap. (T-mobile FTW) And ipad is useless and lacks portability. I mean, can you picture anyone bringing an ipad to school or on a bus?? Hopefully they’ll also release the new ipod touch before september but as long as it isn’t later than that, i’ll manage.

  63. HotShot says:

    Okay does anyone think this is a little ridiculous. With the new touch possibly having 3g capability’s ( meaning if the same rates that the ipad has that would be unlimited data and texting through aim and an extra 12 bucks for a voip app) you could have a phone with better features than any cell phone on the market all for under for under 45 dollars a month and everyone is hung up on a cheap camera being built into the touch. I for one could care less if it has a camera. The ones built into the nano’s a very VERY poor quality and could only bring the new ipod touch down.

  64. janet says:

    i havnt had an i touch but since rumored about the camera i have been saving up my money since january by babysitting…..its exausting but totally worth it..:) i would like to know what the price range would be…cant wait!!!

  65. Steven says:

    As an owner of an iPod nano 5G (which has a camcorder) I can personally say that the touch doesn’t need something like that. The quality sucks, it doesn’t let you upload your recorded videos if you edit them, and it doesn’t take pictures. I would like for the iPod touch to get a better battery! The battery life is terrible. I don’t care about the processor or amount of memory just give me a fcking battery that doesn’t die all the time! I want the next iPod touch to be thicker so it can have a better battery. The bigger it is, the bigger the battery that fits into it (hence the iPad having such great battery life).

  66. ananymous says:

    ya, like that stuff is going to happen
    no offense but your ideas and concepts are irrational and illogical
    think of the facts-
    *apple is hardheaded
    *they don’t want to cannibalize it’s iphone sales
    *im pretty sure the ipod touch isn’t going to have a transaction from no camera to 5 mgpix(well that was a sensible opinion)
    *and etc

    and i disagree with every piece of info of the last comment(66)

  67. Valy says:

    Apple will not place a camera on the iPod Touch because then all people have to do is buy the iTouch Microphone and skype credits, and they have an iPhone

  68. YourMom says:

    Man this rocks, iPod with camera completes is but the sucky thing is that I just bought a 3G iPod this weekend :( .. If I knew I would have waited.

  69. LiiiiiiL says:

    i want it ^^ im waitinig baby

  70. LiiiiiiL says:


  71. hUster says:

    i do think the new iPhone4 is tremendouz which doesnt change the fact thought that im going to have my new ipods(a classic if there would be any,and a touch) in this fall, cuz i just cant afford 6000yuan(china) which is about $900…..it’s alittle bit complex carrying those products ,but i think i will still have the joy

  72. Jake says:

    I can’t wait till thenipod touch 4G is out Im saving up for one now and my goal is to get the 32GB or more i have now the iPod touch 3G now and I love it but it will not be even close to the iPod touch 4G here is what I want to be on it

    -camera 2.0 mega pix (I want them to get it to 3.0 but I’m ok with 2.0)
    -mult tasking
    -better battery
    -better brightness scale inclueing the darkness sale too
    -HD screen
    -hand prints resident

  73. William says:

    I hope it comes with a camera. My mom said she is thinking about getting me an iPod touch to replace my crappy iPod nano 4th Gen. I also hope it comes by July (next month) because my birthday is n the 21st. By the way, If I dont find anything to do with my Nano after I get the touch, i will be able to send it somewhere for money. Ill send another comment when this happens looking for addresses to send to. Just sayin’ :)

  74. todler says:

    man dis shit is tight cant wait fo it but fuck it im getting a 3g itouch dig it bitches

  75. Marc Konchinsky says:

    As the owner of a iPod Touch 2G (8GB), I can say that while a stronger battery would be a good selling point, the only thing that would make me upgrade would be the addition of a camera.

  76. Bret Smith says:

    After the WWDC I’m extremely excited for what Apple may be looking to do with the iPod Touch. I’m expecting:
    -5.0 Megapixel Camera With LED Flash
    -iMovie on the device.
    -Gyroscope (Freaking InSane!)
    -Retina Display 327 psi
    -Slick new design (closely resembling the iPhone 4)
    -If the stars align a Microsim card for 3g data.
    -40% more battery life.
    -Hopefully a microphone but not likely.
    -Records 720p Video HD
    -And Finally, Every 4.0 iOS that redefines everything Apple has ever created.
    I’m basically guaranteeing at least 5 of these features. Anything is possible. I’m also expecting a 120 gb option. Apple is incredible!

  77. Josh says:

    i think that there should only be a camera in the front for apps like skype and the new facetime. i dont need a camera in the back.

  78. orcpat says:

    i feel i may have atleast one answer that everyone is looking for…

    iPod 4G with a camera i see as practicly guaranteed at this point, mostly due to a little document on the Apple website…

    iPod and iSight Warranty (PDF)

    while this may not seem significant, the implication that the iSight, which is the camera Fitted to most Mac laptops and is generally not available on its own

    im not too sure about you guys, but i think we’re getting a pretty sweet present as iPod touch fans for the 4G model

  79. Ryan Lan says:

    Hey, so its coming on 11 month?

  80. eagle says:

    Wow, it is still a long time to wait.. still 4 months to go.


    Everyone know the prediction list of IPOD Touch gen 4?

  81. Adam says:

    Apple are money hungry fags. They release a new version each year, and each one has one or two itty bitty upgrades. This year they might add 3G and no camera. Or add a camera and no 3G. Then just wait till next year to release the 3G or camera. They know more people will buy one year after year if it has specs that they want so anticipantly..

  82. Gamson says:

    I could care less about 3g on an ipod touch….but i REALLY hope the camera rumors are legit….because from the sound of it….IM SOLD….I can hardly wait….Sept. 9

  83. Gamson2011 says:

    I could care less about 3g on an ipod touch….but i REALLY hope the camera rumors are legit….
    because from the sound of it….IM SOLD….

    I can hardly wait….Sept. 9 2010!!!!! Lets GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Chickenmagnet says:

    A 3g microsim in a itouch…. Seriously? Take a second and think about what that rant was about

  85. Aegoku says:

    I Totally agree with Adam 83). they are not going to put all the new features in the ipod all at ones one thing for a year like they have done it for ever. And for all those who think the the ipod doesnt need to be like an iphone well let me tell you all the not everyone can afford a iPhone with 2 year contract. and most of us a likely to have a unlock iphone so our fullish wish is that something that obviously in not going to happen. we all have our dream personally will love a 5mpx camera with flash like the iphone and the front facing camera but lets get real its not going to happen. what is real is the battery life the retina display and all the goods from the iOS 4.

  86. john doe says:

    chaucolai #50) just because you’re 14 and you have good grammar doesnt make you cool like you want to be, in fact for bragging about it just makes you one big, fat, deucher who likes to sucks his own chode. Oh by the way I am 15 bitch, so suck it.

  87. Anoymous2 says:

    21st June

    Looking at the iPad and iPhone 4 specs and also iOS 4, the specs for a 4th gen iPod Touch will probally look like this:

    1Ghz A4 Chip
    512MB RAM
    64GB Flash Memory
    3.2MP Camera with 5x Zoom and auto focus
    VGA 480p Video Recording at 30fps
    Gyro sensor
    Built in Microphone
    Possible VGA front facing camera

    Features to be added later
    128GB FLash for iPod Touch, 64GB for iPhone
    5MP Camera with LED Flash
    HD Video Camera

  88. hi says:

    after i lost my ipodtouch 2g at six flags
    i wanted to get a new one but ill wait till spetember for the new one

  89. O.O says:

    You guys are getting happy for nothing this is fake becuase if they add a camera it will be the same thing as a iphone but a little skinner, so its not going to happin …. 3G ipod touch is alrdy realy good i have it the 32gb 1

  90. Taylor says:

    Kv seen the iPod touch 4th gen my fren has it. It has a camera 2 TERABYTES of memory an iv used it it’s amazingly fast apple gave out 100 of thm secretly at th last appl expo for people to use an and thm a letter once a week on wa cld b improved. I cld try to get a pic of it if I’d like to see it email me at frdlvr@gmail.com an if I can I will try to send u a pic of it

  91. Johny Boy says:

    I cant wait till September!!! I just got my girlfriend an iTouch 3rd Gen fro her b-day but I decided to wait for 4th Gen for me….

    Ugh, I cant wait….

  92. The A-Team says:

    Why don’t they merge the two lines together, and call the new iPhone/iPod touch the iTouch. The iTouch would be an iPhone 4 only it couldn’t call or text people, until you get it set up with AT&T, or get it pre-activated from Apple or AT&T. That’d make everyone happy because:

    Apple wouldn’t have to balance the two lines out to get both of them to sell, they could raise the price of it to something like $300 for a (non pre-activated)16 gigabyte one and still sell it because of the extra features (and keep the price the same at $200 for the activated one), and they could have more people paying the monthly bill, because people would buy it not having the money to pay the bill, but then they would get the money.

    We the people wouldn’t need to wish we had stuff that the iPhone has because we would own an iPhone, only we wouldn’t be able to call or text people. Also we would have the convenience of being able to walk into an AT&T or Apple store with an iPod , and 10 minutes and $20 later, walk out with an iPhone, and a new bill to pay.

    AT&T would be happy because they could suck off the people that activate it after they buy it too.

  93. Matthew says:

    Well to all of you who believe that an I pod Touch 4G will come out , keep your beliefs high but expectations low. Apple.Inc has failed to have a major upgrade in the I pod technology for the past years. I have been an i pad, i phone, i pod user for the past 3 years and I’ve grown very fond of Apple expect every year I was disappointed in their I pod 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation. I’ve been developing Apps and designing various firmwares and I’ve learned they have the technology for the major upgrade but they simply don’t want to mess with the I phone market.
    I’m a believer and I say that this should be the I pod minimum requirements:
    32Gb, 64Gb, and 128Gb flash drives, with 512 MB of Ram. At least 9 mega pixel camera on both sides and LED Flash. At least 4 inches (screen) could be more. A4 technology processor. HD resolution just like on the I phone 4. 1080P video recording. And all of this running on 4.0 firmware.
    The technology has advanced in the past decade and it is time for Apple to keep it’s promises and advance technology for good.

    -IPhone Modification.Inc

  94. LOL says:


  95. poop says:

    Well to all of you who believe that an I pod Touch 4G will come out , keep your beliefs high but expectations low. Apple.Inc has failed to have a major upgrade in the I pod technology for the past years. I have been an i pad, i phone, i pod user for the past 3 years and I’ve grown very fond of Apple expect every year I was disappointed in their I pod 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation. I’ve been developing Apps and designing various firmwares and I’ve learned they have the technology for the major upgrade but they simply don’t want to mess with the I phone market.
    I’m a believer and I say that this should be the I pod minimum requirements:
    32Gb, 64Gb, and 128Gb flash drives, with 512 MB of Ram. At least 9 mega pixel camera on both sides and LED Flash. At least 4 inches (screen) could be more. A4 technology processor. HD resolution just like on the I phone 4. 1080P video recording. And all of this running on 4.0 firmware.
    The technology has advanced in the past decade and it is time for Apple to keep it’s promises and advance technology for good.

  96. Bill says:

    For the 4th generation of iPod touch, I want everything already included in the iPhone 4 – minus the phone features. This includes Retina display, camera, GPS, gyro, compass, etc. But since this stuff didn’t make it into the iPad, I doubt it’ll surface in an iPod. I suspect I’ll be disappointed again.

  97. Mark S. says:

    this is jus so fake….putting a camera on ipod touch can mess up everything, well we know that when the apple company put a camera on ipod touch, the price of the product will rise ofcourse, and the selling of iphone will decrease, and dats a problem for AT&T bcause they want the selling of iphone high, why would they do such thing dat can cause a big problem in da market? yea i know dat its better to have a camera on ipodtouch but its just a reality dat its jus a rumor, idk if the rumors are real, but i guess its not, or maybe not this year, maybe like another 1 or 2 or 3 yrs before they release the new product, i think?

  98. daniel says:

    this is jus so fake….putting a camera on ipod touch can mess up everything, well we know that when the apple company put a camera on ipod touch, the price of the product will rise ofcourse, and the selling of iphone will decrease, and dats a problem for AT&T bcause they want the selling of iphone high, why would they do such thing dat can cause a big problem in da market? yea i know dat its better to have a camera on ipodtouch but its just a reality dat its jus a rumor, idk if the rumors are real, but i guess its not, or maybe not this year, maybe like another 1 or 2 or 3 yrs before they release the new product, i think?

  99. Matthew says:

    My expectations are really high, because Apple has failed again and again. I am really disapointed in the IPod Touch technology. When the 3G iPod touch came out I at least thought it would have a 2 mega pixel camera like in the prototype. When it came out I just hoped for even a built in microphone. A nano could have a camera, why can’t the IPod touch?


  100. Johny Boy says:

    For the last few days I’ve been playing with the 32GB iPod touch 3rd gen and I really love it.

    The only thing I wish from the 4th Gen iPod touch is the new design, bigger and better battery life and the same screen resolution.

    Can’t wait for it though…. I would get a 2nd iPod touch for me but am trying to restrain myself. :)

  101. edward cullen says:

    you wish my friend! the thing th..at steve jobs dont want to put those flashy camera is that how suppose they gonna put a mega pixel on that sexy slim thing? alright fine! they’ve done it. but they think its gonna affect the boost sales of iphone series, what next? people wanting to put text aswell on that ipod touch? wtf! then just buy iphone!

  102. I talk B.S says:

    Well to all of you who believe that an I pod Touch 4G will come out , keep your beliefs high but expectations low. Apple.Inc has failed to have a major upgrade in the I pod technology for the past years. I have been an i pad, i phone, i pod user for the past 3 years and I’ve grown very fond of Apple expect every year I was disappointed in their I pod 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation. I’ve been developing Apps and designing various firmwares and I’ve learned they have the technology for the major upgrade but they simply don’t want to mess with the I phone market.
    I’m a believer and I say that this should be the I pod minimum requirements:
    32Gb, 64Gb, and 128Gb flash drives, with 512 MB of Ram. At least 9 mega pixel camera on both sides and LED Flash. At least 4 inches (screen) could be more. A4 technology processor. HD resolution just like on the I phone 4. 1080P video recording. And all of this running on 4.0 firmware.
    The technology has advanced in the past decade and it is time for Apple to keep it’s promises and advance technology for good.

  103. blah blah says:

    I don’t think that Apple wants to make the iPod touch too much like there other products. A camera is possible do to the demand for it but I don’t see 3g connectivity or a SIM card slot coming any time soon.

  104. NICOLAS says:

    i really want an ipod touch with a camera.I have an ipod nano 4g but i sale it now on ebay to take save some money to take it.
    To have a camera the 4g doesn`mean that it will be like the iphone 4g.All people want a camera on the ipod touch it will be helpful for apps and to communicate.
    But i agree that people have to stop making productas every year but every two years

  105. Doc says:

    Balls to a sim tray all I cate abouts it having 128GB memory. I’ll admit a camera would be a massive PLUS and the addition of some more varied colours to choose from but ultimately the memories the key selling point for me.

  106. Nikolas says:

    Yes it`s real.iPod touch must have more colours to choose.
    but the cost must be low because imany kids wants to take one but they don`t have enough money to take something 250$ or 300$.
    Plz apple drop the cost

  107. gettafreebie says:

    Cool .. as long as it works properly and I’m not told to hold it in an unnatural way or buy a £25 case to prevent it malfunctioning.

  108. MYSTYK says:

    For those that keep claiming that an iTouch w/ a camera would be too much like an iPhone and all of us should just get an iPhone instead of holding out for what we really want, this article explains exactly why I DON’T want an iPhone:


  109. halfoffburger says:

    Whoever said that adding a camera would make people not want to buy an iPhone, you are an idiot. iPhone can make calls, text, and has internet wherever you are. Author of this article, you are an idiot. The iPod will never get a sim tray, because then it could be turned into a phone via skype and earphones with a mic. the only reason iPad got 3g is because it is not portable enough to be a phone. The 4th gen iPod Touch and the 2nd gen iPad will AT LEAST have front facing cameras (for more FaceTime integration), if not rear ones as well. Longer battery life will most likely come, along with the A4 chip and 512 mb of RAM. If they keep the aluminum casing, more colors will not come, however they may redesign it to have glass panels like the iPhone 4, in which case it will probably only gain white. Retina display is iffy, they may want to keep it as an advantage of the iPhone, but the iPad will definitely get it. The iPod will also for sure get the gyroscope.

  110. wolverine says:

    Well I don’t know what to say… If we will have a camera and 3G tray in iPod, and almost the same features as in iPhone what will be the difference? except call’s. No, I’m not against it, but Apple makers won’t do it… Well I think so. As I uderstood, their main “Apple” is still iPhone. But I hope that camera will be added in 4th iPod and it will be nice to have a camcorder and flash.)

  111. Jake says:

    Well a 3G enabled ipod touch would be cool u might as well get an iphone unless th cost for the data only would be like $30.

  112. MYSTYK says:

    I doubt 3g is in the mix. At least one camera is probable and two seem likely now but the thing I’d really like to see is a microSD slot for easy file transfers.

  113. Toranomichi says:

    I cant’ understand all of you who want camera on ipod touch… it’s money taker and don’t need that. You all need still phone and whatever that is (nokia, blackberry, samsung, apple) it definitely have camera. So it would be waste of money to have one lousy camera more.

    If you need camera buy better phone or pocket camera or better DSLR

  114. person says:

    you must have half a brain if you think the 4th generation iPod touch will get 3G data plans. that will KILL iPhone sales.

  115. lichi says:

    i just want the itouch 4 gen has iphone 4′s form,retina display,a4 processor.that is enough!camera??i dont think that will be there in itouch 4 gen

  116. icecooldiva says:

    i am so excited, it would be great if it had a camera, i wanted to get an ipod touch for my birthday in june but decided to wait hoping that the ipod touch b4g would be realeased and hav exciting new futures. i hope it will be worth the wait

  117. facetime says:

    It needs the cam for FaceTime compatibility. i OS4 is supported and may or not be installed in the 4G, but it won’t matter if the hardware isn’t there for it. Omitting a forward facing camera would be an EPIC FAIL. Without this feature, I would be inclined to pick up a 32BG or 64GB 3G touch.

  118. danield1993 says:

    Don’t be silly, Apple is not gonna put 3G Connectivity into the iPod Touch because that would defeat the purpose of the iPhone, They might put in the camera but it’s probably going to be the same as the iPod Nano with Video Recording and no photo capabilities. You are wasting your time thinking their going to put nearly every feature of the iPhone in the iPod Touch. Here are the features I think we’ll see in the 32 GB and 64 GB models only:
    The new screen
    The new processor
    High Definition Video Playback
    A Video camera (MAYBE!)
    (20% Possiblity) Frontal camera

    The iPod Touch 8 GB will only get the new hardware of the Current Generation 32 GB and 64 GB models have, since the 8 GB iPhone available is the 3GS.

    We MAY see a 128GB model but I’d say not since there would be no point in still having the iPod Classic and you can say all you want but the iPod Classic is still a popular model. More than half the people I see with iPods have the Classic.

  119. ipod touch ftw says:

    i hate how every 1 leaves comments on how it will be just like the iphone if they add a camera no it wont you cant call it dosent look like the iphone and the ipod touch dosent have a fast reaction time

  120. Oz8056 says:

    i expect the touch 4g will have a faster processor and maybe better battery life and i still expect the entry unit to be priced at $199/299/399, anything higher than that is crazy.

    also, having a camera and all that 3g crap will just make the price higher. i hope the price range stays as it is.

  121. maymayy says:

    omg! last summer i read ll the rumors about the itouch 3g to have a camera…i was upset when it didnt. so this time i hope it actually does have a camera because ill get it!

  122. Max says:

    This is directed towards iPod Republic.There is a reason Apple didn’t add a camera to the 3rd Gen iPod Touch last year, and it’s not because of issues with a camera sensor.

    Obviously, Apple wants to market the iPod Touch as a mobile gaming device to compete with Nintendo’s DS line up and Sony’s PSP lineup. To do so, they have to make the iPod Touch afforable to consumers. (At around $200) It’s difficult for Apple to keep the price down if they add a camera, and it doesn’t help the device when it comes to gaming. Apple didn’t see a need to add a camera to the iPod Touch.

    It does however make sense for them to have added a camera to the iPod Nano last year. The iPod Nano is Apple’s best selling iPod and when customers see a great new feature like a camera, it only makes the iPod Nano a more appealling buy at a great price. It was a smart bussines move on their part, even if it left the more informed Apple buyers upset.

    The chances of seeing a camera on the iPod Touch this year are, I think, better than what they were last year but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that Apple once again decided to skip the feature. Although I will expect the camera to be more similar to the iPhone 3Gs’s camera and not the iPhone 4′s 5 megapixel HD video camera and front facing camera. It would really make the line between iPod and iPhone very thin. while that might be a good thing for those customers that want an iPhone but don’t want to have to pay the price for an AT&T service plan, (an iPod Touch with a camera would be the best alternative) it won’t be the best thing for Apple as that would cut into their booming iPhone sales.

  123. bhk says:

    @DZ i think at&t has bad coverage everywhare from what i hear lol

  124. admin says:

    Max, you make some valid points and some of them i do agree with you on. However, one of the reasons why Apple has succeeded where others have failed is because they have been able to correctly change consumers usage of products and how they interact with them. I agree that it is more likely that the iPod Touch will get a camera this year compared to last year, although i think this year a forward facing “facetime” solution might be more likely, as it will also be useful when playing games that could allow active use of camera.

    Either way, it will be very interesting to see what Apple chooses to do with the iPod Touch now that the iPad is in the market as well.

  125. jake says:

    i hate not having a camera

  126. john1986 says:

    hi !
    it s the ipod touch 4g here !
    i m sure !


    good visit !

  127. john1986 says:

    you have to translate with google, it s very interesting !!!

  128. sam says:

    oh! i can’t wait for the ipod touch 4g to release in september,.. and on september 10.. it’s my birthday,, i hope i can have one.. I hope it’s not that expensive.. i’m planning to buy the 16g ipod touch..

  129. Malik says:

    Dude did u forget about mic?

  130. Julianna says:

    really hope the Ipod Touch with “suppossable” the camera comes out this september! I have been waiting for this! Approximentaly how much would the Ipod Touch 4thG cost? I’ve only got enough for the cost of the I pod touch 3G 8Gb. Will it be the same price? I hope it will be!!

  131. Charlie says:

    thanks so much for that link!!! thats very good news. but does that still mean that it will come out in Australia and the US???

  132. Kevin says:

    If apple realy does apply a camera I woulnt be surprised if they took at their own phone company to get more money. I doubt it will come with camera becuase the iPhone us mire expensive so they’ll lose profit.

  133. anonymous says:


  134. john1986 says:

    HEY !!!!there is NEW version of the internet site !!!!!!!!!
    ther is new photo of the apple internet site of september !!!!!!!
    yyyeehhhhaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s GREAT !!!!!!!!!!

  135. Jason says:

    Ok, iPod touch with 3G? Really? JUST BUY A FREAKING IPHONE.

  136. J Fan says:

    It will defiantly have a camera, I’ve read it on a site with all iPod/iPhone models, and it will have the compass feature like on the iPad idk what else, but their only making 32 and 64gb types

  137. Apple Fan says:

    If a new Ipod Touch came out i would want it to have the following things:
    32, 64 or 128 GB hardrive with 720p High definition recording, a 5mp camera with LED Flash.
    Also a GPS system would be nice with a build in compass, and gyroscope.
    They should also put in a High Quality Microphone. They should add imovies and sideshow option to edit pictures and videos.They should also put in a 4g Gaming Network, like on the X box 360.Also for improved gaming there should be retina display. There should be a stronger blue tooth Range. They should improve the design, making it similar to the Iphone 4. If they upgraded the screen from 3.5 to anything higher, this device would be truly the best on the market. Of course this would be running on 4.0.1 or any firmware at the time.

  138. nick says:

    oh ya finally i cant wait for the itouch to get a camera like wtf happend last year cant wait for september.

  139. zoozoo says:

    i need it I’ve been waiting since April and am 18 years who’s into technology

  140. Nick says:

    I just want the 4th generation iPod Touch to look more like the iPhone 4, that’s when I’ll consider buying one…

    OR of coarse, getting one off of Lockerz.

  141. Olivia says:

    I’m super excited. And the iPod touch 4g, IF it has a camera, will be NOTHING LIKE an iPhone! The iPhone is a PHONE, iPod touch isn’t a full functioning mobile phone, and if it does have facetime, instead of having a phone number it’s rumored that instead you’d use email address. I hope the iPod touch does have a camera!

  142. sum1 says:

    my predictions:
    -at least 2MP rear-facing camera
    -at least 3MP front-facing camera
    -FaceTime (via email)
    -retina display
    -new design (to be like the iphone 4)
    -A4 processor
    -increased battery life
    -a Gyroscope
    can somebody PLEASE comment back and tell me how much of a possibility this is!?
    oh and by the way 16gb??? is it possible? if it is how much?
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment back!!! i really need answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Aaron says:

    Ipod touch 4 should have a camera and a video camera and you should also be able to choose a custom back

  144. Vicky says:

    Yay!! I really hope that there is a camera because I have saved up for one because it was my birthday recently!! I can’t wait for next month!! :D

  145. Absynthe says:

    Brad….I don’t believe even spell check can help you.
    Stop spending your college tuition on iPods! LOL
    *In RE: to the following:*———-> (10.brad on February 3rd, 2010 at 12:48 pm:
    uuummmmmmmm helo to the person ho wrote the website if the 4g ipod touch gets a sime tray that would be the iphone duuuuu y would they put a sime tray on an ipod touch because then it would be a iphone i think they will mack flash for it and add a 3 maga pixil camra with auto focus my gess no f sime tray i dont now what that doood was thinking)

  146. Hawk says:

    Ok, some of you guys are crazy.
    Begging for low prices? The prices wont go down on a newer device of the same capacity.
    FaceTime is pretty much almost a given with what has been seen with leaked photos. Plus Apple commented themselves that they were launching more FaceTime devices by the end of the year.
    As much as I would love 128 GB, it won’t happen. There is no company making 128GB flash drives that quickly, Samsung is barely doing it. However, I do believe that they will still up the memory, possibly around 80 or something. But there won’t be a 128GB this year.
    Plus, invitations to an Apple conference went out the other day for September 1st. The invitations say it’s an event for Apple music, thus, iPod.
    So, we may find out next week. Until then, we’ll just have to wait.

  147. Keena says:

    Well I hope the new iPod Touch does have a camera. I’ve wanted an iPod Touch for the longest, and It would be wonderful to have a cam on it too. :)

  148. MYSTYK says:

    @ Hawk,

    Yep, I got the obligatory, “Hurry! Last chance to get your free iPod Touch w/ a new Apple computer” e-mail earlier this week. I know that was a ‘clear the inventory maneuver’ Apple used last year right before they rolled out the 3G Touch at their big “Apple Music” event last year which is traditionally the first week of Sept. and when they introduce the new iPod line up.

    The one thing I’m wondering is if they make the introduction on Sept 1, how soon will it actually be available in stores? I’d like to be able to pick one up by the middle of the month . . . if it finally has the camera we’ve been hearing about for two years now!

  149. GiGi G. says:

    omg…. thats so awesome ipod touch 4 with camera an many other stuff…omg thats so great:)
    i was collecting money for itouch 3 BUt now i will get 4… hope its not gonna be too exp.

  150. Gixman says:

    FM Radio Please, is it really that hard?

  151. MYSTYK says:

    They got it right . . . finally! The only thing that would have made it complete would have been a flash for the camera but for me that’s a small quibble.

    I’ll be picking one up later this month.

    Thank you Apple for finally listening to what the consumer wanted instead of telling what you think we need.

  152. Seppoo says:

    No need to upgrade from 3rd generation Ipod touch.

    I don’t understand why anyone would need a camera in an Ipod. What the Ipod touch would really need are GPS and 3G data.

  153. MR says:

    when will the ipod touch 4g be released and what day and month?

  154. me says:


  155. dorking says:

    i like that it has face time and the new screen but it still doesn’t have enough space.

    ipod touch 4g

  156. One Pissed off dude says:

    OMG! I just bought a freaking iPod 3rd gen about a week ago. They weren’t in stock at any store I went to, so I went very far away to get one. They could have freaking told me that the reason they didn’t have any was because a new one was going to be released soon! I am so pissed off right now, especially because it’s my damn birthday today.


  157. me says:

    happy birthday

  158. the new ipod is out and can be ordered online now.

  159. kain says:

    i just ordered the new one online yesterday and it doesnt ship out till this friday

  160. johnny says:

    0.7mp camera added? 4g no thanks…..buy the old one when they release the new one coz apple is gonna drastically drop the price for the old one……i even hardly use my phone camera…..

  161. Matt says:

    @One Pissed off dude
    Check the returns policy on your receipt. Hopefully you havent used your iPod Touch yet, and they’ll just refund it within 28 days (as if it’s a gift)

    Buy over the phone/net next time and the Distance Selling Regulations come into play – you can return it within a few days and get a refund for any reason at all, even if you don’t like the colour

  162. collegeGIRL says:

    yess!! i need a ipod for college to check email without having to bring my laptop everywhere with me. i have been waiting for months to get this ipod….with the camera :)
    i cant wait til i get this newer ipod!!

  163. Tom says:

    Got an ipod touch 4G for just 223$ from http://bit.ly/bhGETG . love it!!!!! built in mic,camera,HD video recording, facetime, and much much more!!!

  164. ponylover900 says:

    well even better u can get the new ipod touch 4g for only £189 for an 8gb theirs still plenty of room not many people need that much memory !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to get one on the 11th october (my b-day!) xxxxxxxxx

  165. noirelion says:

    Don’t buy the Ipod Touch 4g
    I’ve had two already.
    First one mysteriously would only stay charged for 3 hours.
    They replaced it a week later.
    Second one- worked normally for a day.
    Then charge lasted 4 hours.
    This was my first Apple purchase- it might be my damned last.
    Funny thing- hen the damned thing keeps a charge- its AWESOME.
    But my $440 dollars gets me a pretty good looking brick after just a few hours use.
    No game playing period!
    Maybe an hour on watching a few videos and reading ten pages of an ebook and one skype call- then off into my pocket- then dead when I try turning it back on (I’m a security guard- I only turn it on during breaks)-
    What a gyp!
    They tell me at the Apple store in downtown Philly to bring it in so they can run a battery of tests.
    (They are gonna try and give me another one I bet- but I’m thinking- I just want my damned money back- I didn’t pay 440.00 to have anxiety about whether the freaking battery is gonna be dead in 4 hours on a daily basis) !
    It’s beautiful and the cams are awesome- and it does everything I could need- when it actually has a charge).
    But I got a brick in my pocket every night on my train ride home- and I’m pissed).
    What the fuck!?

  166. sunfish101 says:

    I like the new ipod touch 4g 8gb. It sounds really cool. I am saving up to get one. i would like the price to be a bit cheaper because this means i will have too wait about a year. I am hoping that as time passes and i continue saving, that the price will be reduced.

  167. Paul andrews says:

    We brought the new itouch and love it too bits… One problem we bumped into.. is that we had nobody to facetime with? so after a look around on the web we found http://facelette.co.uk. facelette is a facetime site where users can exchange their facetime accounts for testing etc..
    I spoke with a guy in australia and it was clear as anything.. Plus we thik the new itouch is a lot louder than the 3gen.. A thumbs up from us !


  168. bogs says:

    shete..love it..just got it yesterday.. :) more fun than ivve expect..

  169. diamond says:


  170. i think in future all phones will have microsim

  171. kimo says:

    i bought 1 last week and wow wow is alli can say, awesome piece of technology, loves it to pieces,the pics come out so clear and the video is beyond what i hoped for, great job apple,u have a fan for life in me

  172. Bazza says:

    I think that the ipod touch should come with 100GB and should be the same price as the current 32gb coz it probably only costs apple about £10 extra to put 60 odd gb in and they should be competing with other retailers not have the highest prices. i saw an ipod touch 8gb 4gen for £193.59 in the apple store while i saw it for £175.89 in another store 3 stores away! i cant belive that apple actually rip people off like this.

  173. Everyone was expecting a great deal with iPod touch 4G. It is suppose to be iPhone 4 without the phone as pointed out by Steve during the launch. Well, did we actually expect that at less than quarter the price of iPhone 4? IPhone 4 wins in so many important tech aspect ….such as the camera (5MP Vs 0.7 MP), Touchscreen technology (IPS Vs non-IPS), Ram (512 Vs 256), etc.

    IPod Touch 4G is no doubt a great media player with no match (maybe)in the present market, but it is definitely not an iPhone without the phone as they claimed.

  174. vana says:

    i have problem with my ipod 4, theres no sound coming out from ipod itself but if i insert the headset i heard the sound. anyone can help me solve this problem.


  175. I don’t think that Apple wants to make the iPod touch too much like there other products. A camera is possible do to the demand for it but I don’t see 3g connectivity or a SIM card slot coming any time soon.

  176. Bella Swan says:

    It’s appropriate time to make some plans for the longer term and it is time to be happy. I’ve learn this put up and if I may just I desire to recommend you some interesting things or advice. Maybe you could write next articles regarding this article. I desire to read more issues approximately it!

  177. Matt says:

    The 4th generation Ipod screen the shatters to easy, The second generation did not have the same problem. Apple knows this is a problem. Very disappointed.

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