4th Generation iPod Nano revealed – Question moves to features

With what appears to be spyphotos of the latest 4th generation iPod Nano on heavy circulation prior to the iPod event 9th September, some of the questions goes from design to features of the new iPod Nano 4th Generation.4th generation ipod nano spyphoto courtesy of ComputerworldIf the leaked pictures are of a true 4th gen iPod Nano, then we will be looking at a revert back to the look of the 2nd generation iPod Nano merged with the Microsoft Zune. Comment across the internet at the moment are split between positive and disappointment when it comes to the design. The question most people however ask is; what will the user interface be like and what will the new features be? You can now read more from the official release of the 4th generation iPod Nano.

At the moment there is little news about this, with some of the talk circulating about the click wheel interface for an iPod Nano that is designed for widescreen viewing on horizontal position. Many people also ask themselves if the 4th generation iPod Nano will get more of the features of the iPod Touch. Guess we will have to wait until Tuesday to find out.

Surprisingly, and maybe a bit disappointing, that there are very few rumors at the moment about the iPod Touch and what improvements we might see for the 2nd generation iPod Touch.


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