4G iPod Nano big hit with Christmas shoppers looking for colour

According to an article in USA Today there are two areas of importance for Christmas shoppers this season, cheap and colorful. The new 4g iPod Nano delivers on both, as it is one of the more affordable iPod models and comes with a whole new color range, including blue, green, purple, pink, and yellow allong with the traditional colours.

The Nanocromatic range of new iPod Nano’s have proven to be a very popular gift this Christmas season, and at a price point of around £95 for the 8gb iPod Nano, it is also within a more affordable price range, even in these hard credit crunch times. You can read our review of 4th gen iPod Nano here.

You can buy the whole color range of the 4g iPod Nano from Amazon UK.

The NanoCromatic new 4th gen iPod Nano

The same article goes on to talk about how for many people it is not necessarily about buying something new, but rather to just get what they already have in a different color. That is one of the reasons why we often see producers releasing existing products in new color varieties around important shopping seasons, such as Christmas and Valentines.

This Christmas season we have seen the 4G iPod Nano come in several color options, but we are also seeing a lot of other products being released in more color options, including mobile phones, laptops, and smaller kitchen appliances etc.

So before you make those last minute Christmas purchases this year, take some time to consider the color options and what color you or your friends and family might want to see their Christmas presents in this year.

You can compare and find cheap iPod Nano’s in our updated best price iPod Nano 4G tables here.


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  1. james says:

    is the ipod u guys r showing is it the nano cromatic fourth genoration?

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