Third generation iPod Touch announced

Update 27-11-2009! The iPod Touch with camera rumors have once again resurfaced , this time predicting that the iPod Touch 4G 4th generation will receive its camera sometime during spring 2010. According to the latest rumors the iPod Touch camera will be the same as for the iPod Nano, featuring video capabilities only, which in my opinion does not make sense, unless Apple wants to ensure that it does not eat into the sales of the iPhone. Personally i would like to see the iPod Touch 3G get the same camera as the current iPhone 3GS, allowing us to take full advantage of the internet and social media capabilities of the device.

Update! With the Apple iPod event now over we know that the iPod Touch did not receive a camera at this point, but it did get some other upgrades. Read more about the new 3rd generation iPod Touch and its features. Als, let us know your thoughts around this upgrade in our new poll. You can also read an explanation from Steve Jobs on the iPod Touch not getting a camera here.

Our UK readers can check out the latest updated prices from leading UK merchants in our best price iPod Touch 3G table.


Update! With the launch of the 3rd generation iPod Touch expected at the rumored iPod Event in September, photos and video of what could be the 3rd gen iPod Touch featuring a camera has been leaked online.

The iPhone OS 3.0 and the many rumors of a new iPhone hitting the market this summer, the iPod Touch has taken a backseat, despite just being announced as the preferred handheld game console by the Gadgetshow in the UK, and with the discovery of what could be the next generation iPod Touch 3.0 in the new iPhone OS.

The current iPod Touch is referred to as iPod 2.1 while in the new iPhone OS 3.0 that will become available for iPod Touch owners this summer, there are references to iPod 2.2.1 which by many is believed to be an upgraded iPod Touch. There are no clear rumors as to what the upgrade might feature, but as always we have our wish list of what we would like to see on the 3rd generation iPod Touch.

Improved memory

This has been rumored since the release of the current iPod Touch last September, with the rumors then being that a new iPod Touch would become available with 64gb memory before Christmas, which we all know did not happen. The 64gb iPod Touch would be one of our odds on favourites for the upgrade to iPod Touch 3.0.

Faster processing

It is rumored that the next generation iPhone might feature improved processor speed and faster WiFi, and if the next generation iPhone will get that upgrade it is also very likely that the iPod Touch will receive the same treatment.

Improved gaming

We are going out on a limb here as we don’t know what Apple might be bringing to improve the gaming features of the next 3rd generation iPod Touch, with the current one already dubbed the funnest iPod ever. But with the addition of the device vibration support in the new iPhone OS 3.0 we might be looking at an even funner iPod in the next iPod Touch 3G.

Replaceable battery/improved battery

As the EU continues to put pressure on Apple to provide easily replaceable and recyclable batteries for their products, rumors have it that the next generation iPhone might feature replaceable battery, in which case the iPod Touch might follow closely after.


This is what the iPod Touch 3rd generation needs in my opinion to make it a true multifunctional gadget. Imagine integrating a decent camera with a few megapixels resolution into the sleek and stylish iPod Touch, and you would automatically have a serious contender for the normal cameras. There is now an update to the possibility of a camera for the 3rd generation iPod Touch following rumors around the internet that Apple is working on delivering camera to iPod Touch 3.0 and iPod Nano 5th generation.

We will keep our eyes fixed on what is next for the iPod Touch and come back with any more rumors around the 3rd gen iPod Touch.


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161 Responses to "Third generation iPod Touch announced"

  1. jose says:

    cual seria el aspecto de este new ipod?? o seguira igual??

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes please, I hope there’s a camera!!
    wonder what the cost for third gen is though..

  3. Adriaan says:

    Hola jose, pues nadie sabe como se vería, tal ves unos 0.5 mm mas delgado pero ya, en tanto de funcionalidad, se espera tener un wifi mas rapido, una pantalla OLED (que aumenta en 40% la eficacia de la pila), una pila mas duradera, 64GB, mas rapido, lo de la camara estaria muy bien, yo si me voy a esperar, sera unos 5 meses pero valdrá la pena! =)
    Salu2! (saldría aproxx en septiembre 2009, ahí es domde apple anuncia sus nuevos ipods!)

    If you are an english speaker, i just told him about some rumors of the new ipod touch 3rd Generation, out posibly in september, with better batery life, OLED Screen (that saves up to 40% batery), better wifi (Wi-Fi 802.11n), 64GB, better CPU and GPU, among others!!!

  4. anonymous says:

    ummmm english plez.

  5. Vendo says:

    I hope there’s a camera too, and also….I would like to see a little microphone in there. I know that might sound retarded, but there’s that new app out now for the iPhone where you can hold it up to your radio and record a song, and it will actually tell you what the song is! Seriously, thats frickin awesome, I’ve wanted them to make something like that since i was like 10!

  6. Daniel says:

    Agree that getting a built in microphone, perhaps a camera, and improved memory would be great. My personal top wish though would be mobile data access, either trough 3G or better. I know, that is what the iPhone is for, but would love to be able to twitter and send messages on the go without being in a wireless area.

  7. Morgan says:

    I definitely agree with a built in microphone and maybe 3g that would be awesome!

  8. Erik says:

    i think it needs real web browsing

  9. Cyrs says:

    I almost agree with everything in there. Apple definitely needs to add at least 64GB of memory in the 3rd gen ipod touch. I doubt they will go any higher than 64Gb for two reasons, flash memory gets ridiculously expensive after that point and a 128GB ipod touch would interfere with the sales of the ipod classic. A faster/better processor would be awesome for bigger/better apps. I would like a removable battery in the next gen ipod touch, but sadly, I know it won’t be happening. The dudes that run Apple (such as Steve Jobs) are so damn smart it’s uncanny. They want our ipods to have non-user replaceable batteries, so in two years from the purchase time when warranty/battery fails, consumers come running to purchase another ipod.

    To the guys that keep wishing for 3G on the ipod touch, stop being ridiculous…seriously.
    Why would you want 3G network access on something that’s meant to be a PMP?
    Why not just get an iphone 3G? Or do you wanna have two separate devices that you have to pay monthly to a cellular company for. Cause obliviously if Apple does add 3G to the ipod touch, you still won’t be able to use it as a phone, so you’d be paying for your regular cell phone bill AND the data plan on the ipod touch. That, to me, is kinda stupid, so save yourself the trouble/money and buy an iphone.
    I really don’t understand why people keep asking for it, unless they thought 3G would be free (which it won’t) or they have money to waste like that..

  10. Alex D says:

    Half of the stuff there isnt really worth the upgrade and the price tag Apple will put out

  11. Marvin says:

    I upgraded my touch last year and plan to every year a new one with more features released. I hate being outta date.

  12. anonyomous says:

    Okay first I’d like to point out that most of you are asking for the same thing from the touch as the iphone, just not an actual phone, so its prolly not likely. I know that the iphone service sucks, but hopefully that is changing in the US and Canada at least soon. Also the person who mentioned the Shazam app, the one that can find a song you don’t know; it’s supported by the 2nd generation ipod touch, you just have to have the microphone headphones, which you probably would want to purchase anyway as they are pretty useful. Then it’s not that different if you have the mic in the touch or in the headphones, you would most likely still have headphones with you anyway. Plus for any other type of recording you wouldn’t have to hold the actual phone up to your mouth you could just have it in your pocket with the headphone mic near your mouth. I wonder if you can use a bluetooth headset? Also um, the camera on the iphone like sucks. It’s only 2.0 megapixels, and you can’t even take video or do any effects like black and white or anything, which is sad considering my $100 nokia phone can do that no problem (and the pics come out quite well in the highest pixel resolution, I just load them on my computer with my microSD card adaptor). I know that pictures look great on the touch, but the quality wouldn’t necessarily be there from a “camera-phone” type thing. It would be nice though to have some sort of adapter to be able to load your pictures from your camera or memory card onto the touch/phone easy (other than through a computer). Anyway my point is at this point, Apple doesn’t seem to be able to do small cameras very well so it’s probably not the best thing to hope for. Most people who have a touch have a cellphone too so just take pictures on that, or with a camera. It doesn’t seem like much could come out quite yet for a new iPod touch, other than 64GB, but with the new iPhone 3.0 coming out you never know…I for one am right bloody ticked that you can’t get the new Skype app in Canada. Probably because ever body tries to get around paying for phone services that way and I’m assuming the laws are blocking it or I don’t know. I just text chat on it and it’s annoying to not even be able to get that feature, which you can on a PSP even I think.

  13. Saman says:

    Nice :D
    If it is im gonna buy that as soon as i can ;-)

  14. mikey11 says:

    The 3rd gen ipod touch needs a good megapixel camera, 64gb, bluetooth capability, 802.11n wifi, increased battery life and better processing speed. That’s basically it because if it needs anything else, just get the iphone. I would like to have a phone that is just a phone and carry the ipod touch around to do everything else. I don’t think it’s possible to buy a phone as just a phone anymore.

  15. Adrian says:

    I have the 1st gen, and I think the 2nd didn’t worth the upgrade. If the 3rd has a camera (at least 2 mpx), bluetooth, mic support, vibration I will upgrade without doubt. Ah, and 256MB of RAM (instead of 128MB) could bring us better games!

    /Tengo el 1ra generacion, y la verdad adquirir el segundo no vale la pena. Si el tercero tuviera una camara de 2mpx, bluetooth, microfono y vibracion entonces ahi sí, sin dudarlo. Y 256MB de RAM no le vendrian nada mal para jugar!

  16. Eric says:

    True gps !
    This is the ultimate missing tool.

  17. Brennan Edwards says:

    should i get a 2gen now or weight till 3rd gen

  18. Brennan Edwards says:

    it should have better gaming graphics and front cammera

  19. admin says:

    Well, the latest rumors surfacing talks about the 3rd generation iPod Touch featuring both better graphics, as well as possible a 5 megapixel camera. Think it is doubtfull it will be a forward facing camera though, but still it makes it a more interesting gadget for all those that prefer to have their iPod separate from their phone.

  20. kAt says:

    I would like to know approximately what the price will be?

  21. chris says:

    i was wondering if it was true that the 3rd gen. screen wontbe as good as the 2nd gen (OLED) is that true????????????????

  22. admin says:

    So far there has been no rumors about price point of the next 3rd gen iPod Touch, and i guess it would depend on the features. But i would not expect it to come down in price.

    It is very unlikely that the screen will be of a lower quality than the one on the 2nd gen iPod Touch. If there is a screen upgrade it could be to HD, or to a more energy efficient high quality screen.

  23. Ian says:

    If they were to put a camera on the ipod touch it would take away it’s sleek and thin design. If they do put one on it, it will make the ipod a lot bulkier about the size of an iphone.

  24. admin says:

    The exact solution of a camera for the iPod Touch remains to be seen, but like all other technology, the camera solutions for mobiles are evolving as well, and you can get mobile phones with built in camera that are just as slim as the iPod Touch already.

    It is not confirmed yet that the iPod Touch 3rd generation will feature a camera, but all the rumors from fairly reliable sources are indicating that a camera solution is likely.

    Meanwhile it will be interesting to see what Apple brings for the next 3rd generation iPhone as well that is expected out this coming month.

  25. Brennan Edwards says:

    In my opinion the ipod touch is best used as a gaming console. I do not have one yet but I still think its better than psp and ds. It even has graphics better than ds, and about the same as psp. It also has a great selection of very low priced games.

  26. Spidermonkey0157 says:

    I would love to see a camera on the iPod touch!! 3g would be great too or some other way to access net w/out wifi. I do not use my cell phone enough to get the iPhone I just use a prepaid so it’s not worth it for me.

  27. Davey James says:


    They should have a higher resolution camera that can flip from front to back so you can see what you’re taking pictures of or see your face while skyping.
    common’ apple! SKYPE + IPODs?? now that’s a winning formula.

  28. Davey James says:

    Oh and i almost forgot.


    They both need them. I’m sorry apple, deal with it.
    I need an ipod touch to watch videos during the long breaks between my college classes and that’s obviously going to wither away my battery over time. i’m not going to pay the price of the ipod to replace those batteries. i’d rather shoot my ipod with a silver bullet. now that’s some imagery for you.

  29. Jen!!! says:

    i am so happy that an iPod 3G is coming out!

    i wonder how much it costs tho….

  30. David says:


  31. Davey James says:

    new iphones. but still no replaceable battery. the batteries last a bit longer. that’s their corporate compromise. they just don’t get it.

  32. admin says:

    I agree that not offering replaceable battery is one of the weaknesses of the iPhone, and something that Apple will have to continue fighting the EU on.

    I guess Apple fears that third party providers would start selling replacement batteries at a much lower cost, taking away the revenue source of people having to get their iPhone/iPod fixed due to battery problems.

  33. dzlockhead says:

    i say camera, mic, better processors, replacable battery, and the EDGE network. i cant afford an iphone, but i love to be able to carry the web in my pocket.

  34. Acacia says:

    I REALLY hope they put a camera on the new iPod Touch. A built in microphone would be nice too. Can’t wait till it comes out. I still have the first gen!

  35. Stallion says:

    Just jail break it iPod it makes it pretty orgasmic.

  36. Stallion says:

    Excuse my spelling errors. But highly consider jailbreaking your iPod touch

  37. borris says:

    Hey, can someone fill me in on the release date, as i think it may be september, like the other 2 were. Also, is it worth waiting? or should i get a gen 2 one.. i think ill wait it out though

    also Jailbreak ur ipod touch. its so good, free apps and it pretty much makes it free from apple, like custom themes and stuff, all paid apps for FREE, but it does void your warranty (so worth it)

  38. Davey James says:

    thank you for your valuable input mr admin. what is jailbreaking (ipod touches)?

  39. Polly says:

    i d ont think the ipod 3rd gen should have a camera, if u want to get something with a camera get the iphone it will just ruin the ipod as the camera will get out dated ..

  40. Jonathan says:

    I would rather have 3g on the new iPod touch than a camera. I thnk that would make it a helluva piece of machinery though it could be an iPhone killer.

  41. Charlie says:

    I am most likely getting the 3rd Gen Ipod Touch when it comes out.
    It will most likely be like the IPhone 3GS which is coming out in the next few days.
    It will have voice control, which does mean there will be a built-in mic.
    There will be a camera, but not sure about the video camera feature, as that will be included in the new IPhone 3GS.
    The Price will not change by much, it will be a bit more than $300. Thats Good!

  42. Tim says:

    @ Davey James-

    Jailbreaking an Ipod Touch (or iPhone) is when you download a program (such as QuickPwn) and unlock the hidden features of the OS. You can add home-made apps (such as gpSphone – I love that one!) and change features. It is a very useful thing to do – and pretty easy too…. A dummy could do it!

    I am so getting the new iTouch in September!!!! I hope it has a camera…

  43. Tim says:

    Email me @ legoswman@yahoo.com if you have any questions about jailbreaking…..

  44. Alina says:

    I’m getting one in September for sure. A camera and a video camera (I hope) would be awesome!

  45. Randy says:

    I don’t ask for much… just Adobe Flash.

  46. ash says:

    i think it needs better battery life, i have ipod touch 1st generation, and lately it has been acting weirdly, i downloaded a few applications, and the battery ran out in less than 5 hours, even when i wasnt using it!!
    so i deleted the apps and didnt use internet and it went back to normal, but it annoying that i cant have the apps and use internet, so the battery deffinately needs to improve, i dont know what the battery life is like on the 2nd generation though, although i dont like the curved shape, i much prefer the one surface flat.
    i have always thought that a camera would be great though,

  47. Davey James says:

    i was using my friend’s 2nd gen ipod touch (he TOO is complaining about awful battery life). . i am an artist and when i tried to go to my artistspace to listen to my music it wouldnt download the software to listen to the music posted. . and to me…artist spaces are a biiggggg deal. ugh

  48. Dillon says:

    i dont see a camera on the 3rd generation touch to be very realistic. The speed and capacity will probably improve, seeing as apple always seems to top themselves just a little bit every september. In the consumer’s prospective, i just see an improved internal speaker, maybe a microphone (for the trillions of skype users out there),better battery life, and maybe some other small feature for the easily amused part of us. Lets not kid ourselves, the ipod will never BE the iphone. This may be disappointing to some, but those who created this great piece of technology did all of us a favor by eliminating those bulky, slow, ugly pda’s from the early 2000s. The iphone is a completely different device in its own retrospective.

  49. Allen says:

    How do you guys even know wether a new ipod touch 3g is even going to come out or not… they never announced anythig about a new ipod touch, only the new firmeware that is available…

  50. admin says:

    Youn can never guarantee that the new iPod Touch will be out this coming September, but based on indications in firmware discoveries, patent applications et etc. there are strong indications that Apple will follow their annual renewal cycle of the iPod. And the fact that the iPhone just got upgraded as well, it is very likely that the iPod Touch will get at least a similar upgrade this coming September.

  51. Davey James says:

    yeah people. they make new products like clockwork.

  52. C'mon,mac says:

    I want an iPod touch,but a measly 32 gigs isn’t enough for my music,and on top of that space for apps,photos,and movies.I’ve been without an iPod for almost a year since my 5th gen. died….and am still waiting for the iPod touch to have more gigs.

  53. YaOwEn says:

    NO CAMERA for the new iPod Touch 3rd gen !!!! there are alot of security-sensitive professionals out there unable to bring in any camera device in to the work place! or they can come out 2 model 1 with and 1 without the camera!

  54. chan says:

    i got a 2nd gen ipod touch and if the 3rd gen come out and have a video camera on it i will buy it……………..

  55. lilCeZ3!! says:

    There is no sense in putting 3G in an “ipod touch!” wth.. a camera would be great and im looking forward to it.. I bet the games and apps will look great on it.!! :)

  56. promacteacher says:

    so, i assume im going to wait until the new one arrived, but im also dying to have one………..but hopefully the wait will be compensate with a great ipod touch..=)

    just 3 months left hopefully

  57. promacteacher says:

    if not, ill get angry =S

  58. anonymous says:

    Um…. Ok so I read some of the comments on this site to tell the truth, I think some of it won’t be a possibility. I’m not saying that all of those would be great, I’m just saying that Apple won’t make some of the upgrades due to marketing strategies. Let’s say that they put a camera and a 64GB, already it’s interfereing with other products such as the iPhone and the iPod Classic. Most people don’t need 120GB of memeory so they will go for the iPod Touch. A camera will make it way too much like a iPhone because the only difference between those two are the phone capability. So the Classic will be dropped out of the market. Those are just my opinion and wth. What do i know about Apple?

  59. dotdotdot... says:

    I think its retarded that people are asking for 3g on an ipod touch. 3g = monthly service = go get a freaking iphone… Its cheaper (not considering monthly bills and contract)

  60. hmmm says:

    I think having a camera on the 3g would be awesome. I would definately buy it if there was.

  61. Eric says:

    Doesn’t anyone want Consumer IR capabilities???

    I’d pay for a sweet Universal Remote control application on an Ipod Touch that controls my TV, cable, Stereo, etc…

    Or does no one use their ipod in the house??

  62. admin says:

    I think being able to use the iPod Touch as a universal remote around the house would be great, but like some of the other things discussed here it might not be achievable or in the best interest of Apple and other related consumer electronics companies.

    That said, imagine having your whole house wired up and intelligently controlled from the comfort of your iPod Touch – now that i would like to see!

  63. brandon says:

    for those of you saying “if you want a camera/blahblahblah on your ipod, just get the iphone,” please keep your opinions and ideas to yourselves. apple has to listen to their consumers ideas and they need to keep coming out with new and fun things for their products, and a camera on the touch would be perfect. i would lose my mind if they also had the video camera capabilities. i dont have EITHER of those and it would be awesome to be able to carry around a music/video player, camera, video camera + all the other awesome stuff it does. i wouldnt mind having a mic also since i play music and if i come up with something i really like, i could record it on the spot and not have to worry about forgetting what i played.

    i would like to see a camera(w/video) and a mic be added to the many features of the itouch.

    if your argument is that it would be to thick w/ a camera, get real you f***** babies. *rolls eyes*

  64. Taylor Satula says:

    I do not care how much it will cost. I will buy it

  65. brandon says:

    so youre telling me you would buy it if it was 1000$????

  66. Coupon says:

    Wow. I would really like that camera in there. And a microphone, with more than 2 minutes of recording. I really need that, and most people would love it!
    They would only need to buy like, a 200-300 dollar thing, and get a mic, camera, ipod, games, AND web browsing. That would be amazing. But I hope they keep the thin and in-style image of the iTouch.

  67. DevilOstrish says:


  68. Bo says:

    I can’t wait for a 64GB (although a 128GB direct upgrade would be nice) and I’m sure Apple will keep there usual workings of getting rid of the 2nd Gen 8GB and reducing the price on the 16 and 32 models. A camera would be cool but only if they amped the battery by 40% or more otherwise 20 pics and your runnin for a charger. I just hope it does come out in September cause I dunno if I can wait longer than that lol.

  69. Seriously... says:

    So i would like to point out which features i would like on the ipod touch. I would want a faster processor, a camera, faster wi-fi, a built in mic, and more memory. I would definately buy it if that happened.

    But let’s talk about what some of you are wanting..3G network? That would be very unlikely to happen. I already kinda doubt that they will add a camera, since it would lose the sleekness of device and make it way too close to an iphone. The apple developers are too smart to make the ipod touch that close to an iphone, since that would dramatically decrease the sale of iphones. Also, they would almost never make a replaceable battery, not if you want a longer lasting battery and the same sleek ipod. Apple even made the new macbook pro with no replaceable batteries, and their reasoning is that it allows them to make the device slimmer, while also adding battery life. I would rather have a slimmer longer lasting ipod touch than have one that can have a replaceable battery.

  70. Rochelle says:

    I have the ipod touch 2nd generation and i think the next generation should have buttons on the side or something so that i can easily change the song without taking it out of my pocket. That alone would alone make it worth the upgrade in my own case.

  71. sourskittleseater says:

    i could RELY use more memory!!!!!! i have the first generation iTouch with only 8 gigs of memory & i just dont have enough room for all of my music, photos, videos, and apps!!!!!! i have decided to wait for a cam to be placed into the ipod because i just need a cam!! it would rely be nice to get some form of 3g because there are soooo many different applications that require the internet!! i would defiantly be willing to pay a little bit each month just to access the web from my iTouch!!!!!!!!!

  72. Waltrip55 says:

    that would be the best if the 3rd gen touch had all those features and a mic might not be so bad because of some of the apps. i just really want to find out what the price range will be and im guessing $600 for the 64GB if they actually have one that big

  73. Zach Wasson says:

    Alright, I’ve read all of these comments so far. this is what I’d like to see (realistically):

    A high resolution camera (don’t mind if it becomes a little thicker).
    A mic.
    Better quality external speakers.
    Longer battery life per charge and lifespan.
    Something that would let the ipod reach further for wifi, extend the range from the device as well as the hotspot so that you don’t need to be within 30-50 feet or whatever it is. Several hundred feet would be excellent. I don’t really see the 3G network happening on the touch.
    I don’t need any more memory, but it seems like a lot of people do and that might bump down the price of lesser memory ipod touch’s if you could get more.
    Other than that, just things that apple doesn’t develop themselves could improve. Gaming is already great, but I would pay a lot more for very in depth games with high graphics; detail and strategy that you’d expect to see on the xbox 360, or some of the more in depth pc games. I also agree that a true universal remote would be great.

  74. Amber says:

    Yeah, and it needs a SCALE.

  75. Sam says:

    Mic and more games!!!!! I love my 2nd generation iPod nano but it is sort of out of date!! I need a new iPod!!! When does dis iPod touch come out?????? Love ya!

  76. jeff says:

    ipod touch 3g needs camera and mic for camera so we can record sound with our video

  77. jeff says:

    ipod touch 3g needs camera and mic for camera so we can record sound with our video. if it has a camera it needs photos and video!

  78. kenny says:

    I hope they will make it like the iPhone with the camera,speakers and a microphone and a bigger keyboard. And one more thing, flash player, because sometimes you can’t listen to music or watch videos in the internet.And last but not least; less restrictions, so you don’t have to jailbreak your iPod to do things or add themes.
    And reading this I think that the iPod nano 5th generation will look like the Samsung YP-P2.

  79. Sam says:

    i want this ipod to have a memory card slot to put photos on it

  80. seiya says:

    ITA on all your points, admin. The 2nd gen (current gen) iPod wasn’t as fun as I thought it was, though the games in it were decent (Tap! Tap! was cool though). But I want MORE from this Touch, not just the games.

    I lust for a camera feature. ABSOLUTELY. If Apple is really listening to all of us, and are going to add it in there then I’m going to love them forever. Well, almost (they lose points for not letting existing members get a hold of 3G S, but eh, I can wait).

    It would be even better if iPod can have the video feature too, but that’s wishful thinking. The Camera feature is enough to make me happy. Let’s just hope it’s 3MP, yeah? Come on, the 3G S can’t be hogging it now. Come on, Apple.

  81. JohndDavis says:


  82. Jacko says:

    Wireless data transfer/audio playback from laptop to ipod

  83. bjk says:

    how much money will it be?

  84. bjk says:

    how much money will it be??

  85. motorfidd says:

    I had received a 16GB ipod touch for Christmas but have it filled already so will be buying a 3rd Gen Ipod, but why the huge request for a camera?? I do not want nor need a camera in my mp3 player.
    I haved a mobile phone with an 8MP camera and an actual digital camera aswell. What more possible need for a camera do I want????? Plus, you know its going to jack the price up a lot compared to the relativly low price including them in manufaction.

    The mic is a good inclusion and bluetooth would be very useful but all I need is the 64GB. I would use a classic but once you go touch you cant go back.

  86. motorfidd says:

    And the Iphones camera is rumoured to be 3MP? At this stage in the market, unless they can whack on 5MP, would there even be a point?

  87. Randy says:

    I just want better software capability like adobe flash and a quicker skype. Also, if there is a possibility it would be sure nice if they increased ram and keyboard fix.

  88. gax says:

    all i like is a camera….adobe flash support….ram….16gb as minimum….and gps…done….

  89. I was really considering selling my 2nd Gen iPod touch 32GB on eBay right now so that I can go ahead and get about $230 for it. Then I could put that with my current savings and get the 3rd Gen iPod touch. But should I?
    I for one, want the new iPod touch to have a COMPASS. What nobody understands is that the compass is useful in apps, because there is new hardware as well, it is not just a dumb app. I also want a good camera, that can record video and upload to youtube. I am a youtuber, and I find it highly discouraging to have to carry around a camera and then have to plug the SD card into the computer to edit the video and upload it. I would love just those features. I have the 32GB right now, and that is plenty enough for me. SO a cheaper 32GB with just those features would be amazing. Anyone else agree with me? Also, please stop by my channel and tell me hello! I would appreciate that!

  90. hey everybody, it is me again. I will sell my iPod classic to a friend for $200, and my 2nd gen iPod touch (32GB) on eBay for at least $275, but hopefully over $300. I am going to advertise my arse off. I filmed a video already, but I said like 4 times in it “click the link in the description to bid on it” or something like that. I need to have the video link in the eBay description though. I suppose that I will start typing up the description of the iPod on the eBay page, then upload the video, then put the links to one another where they should go. I doubt that anyone here is even interested, but if you are, visit my youtube channel to see the video whenever I upload it! (hopefully later today, considering the fact that it is 3 AM)

    my channel: http://www.youtube.com/slashedsickness

  91. jj says:


  92. Nick says:

    Has anybody considered FM radio, or even XM radio as a new feature?? Sure you can surf youtube for songs, but I think XM radio would be awesome, or even FM built right in.

  93. Super says:

    I am selling and iPod touch 2g 3.0 firmware with two cases and a screen proctector for about $180. Is in mint condition.

  94. Graham says:

    Would be great to see a camera on the ipod touch.

  95. naoj says:

    i think that next gen of ipod touch should have GPS

  96. diego says:

    well heard that has a camera and it will come in white

  97. I am selling my 2nd Gen iPod touch 32GB if anybody wants to buy it! It comes with 3 cases, 2 screen protectors, a headset, and is loaded with content already! It is jailbroken and running OS 3.0 already. FREE SHIPPING too, so check it out! Only $254 right now, with NO bidders!

    Go here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190324926427&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_500wt_1182

  98. J Man says:

    I’ve heard rumors about the 3rd Generation iPod Touch with 120 GB for only $349! I’ve also heard there will be better speakers, a camera, better internet, and they say it will be even skinnier than it is already!

  99. T money says:

    It needs to be upgraded to lots of new things

    Copy and Paste
    Longer Battery Life
    I wish it could be a centimeter or 2 longer
    More memory
    I wish it would stay at $2.30 or less (for the 8GB)

  100. bob says:

    hello, the ipod 3 gen will have a mic and a camera it is basicly an iphone there is also a video camera so you can take videos i sejest to buy it if you need a cell phone and use Skype it is 3$ a month

  101. noel says:

    well i don’t really need the camera or the mic…that’s what i have my cell phone for. and i only got the ipod touch because my friend sold it to me for like $80. i mainly use my zune.

  102. bill says:

    ok i have played with my friends ipods before and i own the nano so do you think its worth it to get the 3rd generation ipod touch!?!?!?!?!?!?

  103. jimmy says:

    I really want to get the iPod Touch 2nd Generation for my birthday, which is in early October so i want to know if the iPod Touch 3rd Generation will be released by then, and should i get it or a 2nd Generation, which may drop in price

  104. Karl says:

    hmm i see it like this, if iTouch gets a camera it will be to much like the iPhone just without the phone service :S so i relly dont think apple will add a camera until LATER LATER on in the iTouch series

    since alot of people would go buy a cheap phone for say £40 and go buy like 8GB iTouch for around £165 = £205 and considering the iPhone costs alot more than that , smart people would do what i just said. in that effect apple would MAYBE lose sales on the iPhone…. thats my thoughts on this situation

  105. jonah says:

    smart people will not do what your dumb ass said coz its been legitimately proven that the new ipod touch will come with a camera. so what’s your point on expressing your views when its already wrong. people buy the iphone coz its an all in one device instead of carrying two devices (phone and ipod) in your pockets along with your keys and wallet. next time think about you’re gonna say before claiming that what you say is the smart thing to do…. idiot.

  106. Tae says:

    I would like for it to be GPS accessible. It would be great to have a GPS on my IPOD. I think it would help from killing the battery on my cellphone, since IPODS hold more life. I think a SD slot would be great too, although it has ample space, it would be cool to add music without using the USB cord.

  107. poop says:

    it will most likely be either same price ( 8GB ) $229

    but a rumor has it that it might only be $150!!

  108. Anita says:

    I can not wait for the ipod touch 3g to come out. I wonder if there is a way to preorder it before it comes out in September? Do you guys know???

  109. admin says:

    Check my latest post on the rumors about iPod even week of the 7th September and price points for the 3rd generation iPod Touch at http://www.ipodrepublic.com/ipod-touch/september-ipod-event-from-apple/2009/08/13/

  110. Lorraine says:

    OK, anything about it being Hulu compatible? I’ve seen rumors and stories (from April) that a Hulu app could drop at some point but nothing since then. And while I’d love a camera I really wanna watch stuff on the touch. Unless it has that, I’ll probably by a netbook before the 3g.

  111. me lol says:

    OMG lol it says its release is 7th september, i am gettign a 2nd gen itouch for my birthday and my birthday is 6th september OMFG!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  112. HAHA me lol that sucks for you i feel for ya man i just won a contest where im getting 450 bucks and im gonna go ahead and wait for the ipod touch 3g lol umm i think the camera would be decent but i also have one on my phone but i think where the camera would be cool is that you could just take your picture and post it straight to an app like myspace app and another cool thing about the camera is im sure someone would come out with an app that would happen to be able to edit your pictures so that wouldnt be a prob… umm some other stuff would be battery life improved would be awesome and uh… ya better speakers and a built in mic would be cool it would add all sorts of ideas for new apps too! the whole 3g network is a wasted thought though i dont think they will do it and i also think that i do not wanna pay a monthly fee just for my f’n ipod i would much rather just worry about that part of it on my phone.

  113. GAMSON says:


  114. Yellodello says:

    I think it’ll be the same price. For almost each new generation Apple puts out it adds another step of memory. That becomes the highest price, the rest get knocked down a price notch, and the lowest memory gets booted.
    It’ll be good. But I would rather it be cheaper without a camera, than with a camera. If I want to take pictures I’ll get a good camera to get good pictures.

  115. QWERTY says:


  116. hoobsy says:

    dude…its not ur opinon that the camera would make it better,
    its that the camera willl make it better…period.

  117. asdfghj says:

    i have heard that it might have features that let you customize it (so that you dont have to jailbreak it to get themes)

  118. admin says:

    Being able to customize it would be great. In fact anything Apple does that will make it less necessary to jailbreak the 3rd gen iPod Touch will be great news.

  119. Garbage says:

    This is just in, wallmart, target, and best buy, have all reported that apple has stoped all shipment of the current iPod line (except the shuffle) and are selling out of stock on what they have left. You know what that means, a new ipod line is comming. Cant wait for the ipod touch 3rd Generation to come out. And if you dont already know, its expected to be out september 9th after a music related event that apple does every year. A large amount of rummors of course stated that the touch & maybe the whole ipod line may have camera’s. IDK about that & nobody will know until september 9th. Even though the leaked picture’s and video of a proto type itouch 3rd generation have surfaced and seems to be very convensing, its still possible that it may be fake. I hope not, but anything is possible. BUT I WILL PROMIS THERE WILL BE AN ITUNES 9.0. because there has to be an upgraded itunes to support the new hardware…..the new ipod line

  120. Just Another Guy says:

    For all of you asking for faster wifi…. it is not possible; the reason the almost all mobile devices have 802.11a/b/g is because the memory cannot process data coming in at wireless-n speeds. Until they come out with faster memory (I doubt) then it will remain at 802.11a/b/g

  121. scottyuk says:

    ok so aparantly people are saying that the itouch will be anounced on the 9th ov sep in 6 days time, does anybody here know if that is when you will be able to buy it from the shops/stores or is it just a date when they will let u know when u can buy it????????????

  122. Garbage says:

    scottyuk listen, The event is called “rock and roll” its gonna be held at september 9th. directly after the event, the ipod line will be available for purchase and models will start shipment to all stores right after the event

  123. dude says:

    when 3rd gen touch comin out

  124. dude says:

    how much will it cost

  125. yoyoyoyo says:

    im so excited. and DuDE it probably will cost the same as the last generation.

  126. Woot says:

    I think the cost will be what it is now, but with double the space. We will soon find out on September 9th. =]

  127. Garbage says:

    “dude’ do even bother to read the other comments like the one above you, i just explained it to the other guy that its comming out in september, and it will more than likely cost the same as the current generation ipod touches or slightly less. some where around $199.99 for 16GB, $299.99 for 32GB and $399.99 for the 64GB, and if you want to know how i know this read the comment above you.

  128. ItsOfficialiPodTouch3GIsNOTComingOut says:

    iPod Touch 3rd generation is NOT coming out. Apple has finished with their Rock You! event and no ipod touch 3rd generation has been made official.

    Instead they released the new ipod nano 5g which has a camera, but can only video record.

    they also demonstrated the itunes 9 and also the new ipod shuffle.

    unfortuntly there was no news about the new ipod touch, but it has been reduced to £150, with 32gb at £230.


  129. apple let us down bigtime says:

    wtf…does apple wnat the ipod to crash??i mean they knew every single person was expecting a camera.and what do they do?nothing. put a camera and radio into the nano…then give the touch 64gb and no 16????wtf??????also i know this is to sell for 32gb models but that sucks that only those get microphones.apple…apple apple apple…its not about your sales thats gonna get more sales.its about giving us what we want.now the zune hd will probly kill the new ipod…but ill still get the new one just to stick with the times…this event phailed tho…

  130. Wow. that really sucks. i was expecting the touch to have a camera and it doesnt. guess im not going to buy it. Them b!tches just wanna sell that nano th emore that they can. FAIL!! im wait for the fourth generation touch.

  131. DIEGO says:


  132. KING 5ILENT says:


  133. admin says:

    I think we were all surprised and dissappointed that Apple did not deliver a camera for the new iPod Touch upgrade, especially since they are focusing on it being a gaming device and there are games out there where you could take advantage of the camera functionality, including ones demonstrated at the Apple event!

    On a positive note though, an independent and un-official speed test reveals that the new 3rd generation iPod Touch is indeed improved and much faster than its predecessor. Here is the link:


  134. Mystyk says:

    Admin, I’d agree w/ you I just think it’s really odd that we have an iTouch w/ a faster processor but is essentially identical to the 2nd gen in every other way? It sounds to me like one of two things happened:

    1. There were some technical difficulties that Apple couldn’t get worked out w/ the camera so they panned it for this year and sent it back for more r&d. W/ the processor already on board half the battle is done all they have to do now is figure out how to get the camera to work.

    . . . or . . .

    2. Somebody, say like exclusive iPhone partner AT&T really was worried that the introduction of a camera in the iTouch would cannibalize iPhone sales. More than a few people have suggested that the phantom iTouch camera may finally surface once Apple’s exclusive deal w/ the devil . . . I mean AT&T, is over next year.

    . . . I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’. Nice try at managing a public relations debacle there Steve Jobs.

  135. kaelyn says:

    r they coming out with this b4 x-mas?

  136. admin says:

    Kaelyn, the iPod Touch 3rd generation is already out so no problem getting it before xmas :)

  137. admin says:

    Mystyk, it is very likely that there were some issues with getting the camera to work correctly with the iPod Touch which has delayed the release, although it seems a bit funny that it should be a problem considering it is working fine on the iPhone and the technology is more or less the same.

    As for partners (AT&T) being scared it would impact their sales of the iPhone, it would not surprise me to be honest, and it is a shame that Apple allows themselves to be pressured into delivering a less innovative product to its customers.

    Personally i think they ran into a few glitches and decided to release a simple upgrade first, and then the camera version will come in early 2010. Sure there will be a lot of unhappy iPod Touch owners come 2010 when the camera version gets released!

  138. yo mama says:

    i think the price would be around 400$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Thanks for the awesome blog here. I’m definately going to bookmark this post.

  140. TurboMan12121212 says:

    you kids who arent gonna buy it are just stupid cuz its an ipod touch with camera, so I will deffinitly be buy it.

  141. Reed Shott says:

    First off great webpage. Im not sure if it has been talked about, but when using Chrome I can never get the whole post to load without refreshing several times. Maybe just my computer. Appreciate your work

  142. Deeman says:

    Is it too much to ask for an alignment with existing technologies? How about a MicoSD slot? How about a PDF reader and PDF reading capabilites? PDF reader APPS offered are complete garbage. All the new techno improvements and no SIM swap? I should be able to put my own GSM Sim card and use my prepaid service with another carrier. ATT service really is no good. Why couldn’t they pick a real carrier for this like Verizon even though I hate Verizon. Why did they sign a deal to use one carrier and not all carrier that use GSM/CDMA/2.5G/3G/4G ETC.. WTF!!!!


  143. Greetings! The articles 3rd generation iPod Touch announced – rumor of camera in 2010 | iPod Republic here are great. Thanks for having this site. I found it on Friday searching for apple ipod touch 3rd generation release date

  144. damien says:

    i told my friends when the ipodtouch cam out i wasnt gonna buy i told them i was saving up money for a better one now when i get the new one ill be laughing at them i waited patiently

  145. retro says:

    I really want an Ipod Touch but have been waiting impatiently for months because I thought the latest one would have a camera. I think it is a great device, but the camera will just finish it off brilliantly. The iphone is cool, but I’m one of these people who doesn’t carry my fone when I’m with my friends – because – why would you need to??? Can’t wait for it to come out!! Does anyone have an updated expected release date?

  146. james braselton says:

    hi there i have bought me a 64 gb ipod touch without a camra soo unless i can get a 128 gb or 256 gb ipod touch with a camra i will pass i always upgrade not downgrade and i always go for the high end models too not based models and also the new apple ipad also dose not have a camra eather and it has a 9.7 inch touch screen too

  147. Illa Kolich says:

    Thanks for sharing this great article! That is very interesting I love reading and I am always searching for informative sites like this.

  148. sam jerome says:

    hi im jerome im not suere my mom will give me an ipod touch but i confes it and she buy new ones for af coures im her son i hoped guys that you are happy :) !!!!!! to my comment but who knows how to speak tagalog? because im came from phillipines>!< !! pangit mo! but sorry i speak tagalog i said that everybodi is hansome and beautiful but correct me if im wrong in my spelling!!
    but guys i have already a thousands of gadgets pls. dont ask me were i buy it! iphone thats one of my gadgets!!!

  149. andrea says:

    If The ipod touch from the 3rd Generation does include a camera and not just for recording video ,but for also taking pictures then it would be so AWESOME ! ! ! ! ! !

    I would definetly buy it because i want an ipod touch with camera to take pictures! ! ! !

    With a camera it is going to be Amazing!(:

  150. getsg` says:

    if there is camera then i will buy

  151. getsg` says:

    i wonder how much it is. if there is no camera then i will be pissed because i have been waiting for 4 months

  152. YOP says:


  153. Zipo says:

    Will there be an new generation iPod touch on the market in 2010?
    I’m considering to buy one.. If they launch a new generation.. I wil wait.. or elke I go for the 3G iPod Touch

  154. Pinkie Coan says:

    I am a big supporter! Appreciate your sharing posting this

  155. Jannet says:

    Oh cool a new ipod! Daddy will buy it for me!!!! I have all the Ipods! I love music :D

  156. Michael Woo says:

    gooday there, i just saw your blog via yahoo, and i must comment that you compose exceptionally well via your website. i am truly struck by the way that you write, and the subject is superb. in any case, i would also love to know whether you would like to exchange links with my website? i will be more than happy to reciprocate and drop your link off in the link section. anticipating for your reply, i give my sincere thanks and enjoy your day!

  157. tete says:

    this fuckin ipod is the best bra the tighest it has every thng…bra no lie this the best

  158. Shelby says:

    Why does it matter if you IPOD has a camera or not..? Really having a camera on your ipod is just a waste of money when the regular ipod touch is already $200+ which means this one will probably be over $300

  159. Oled says:

    I like the fact that flexible OLEDs have a faster response time than LEDs!

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