Camera and low-power 802.11n wireless network for 3rd gen iPod Touch

We have earlier covered the rumors and indications of a 3rd generation iPod Touch to hit the market later this year, and now more rumors are surfacing regarding the technical features of the 3rd gen iPod Touch, including possible digital camera and low-power 802.11n faster wireless internet connection.

According to Appleinsider a recent Apple job listing where they were looking for a camera project manager there are clear references to the camera project going across both the iPhone and the iPod Touch. A new digital camera would clearly bring the iPod Touch into a new market, as depending on the quality of the camera it would bring the device more towards a multi purpose market, and closer to a real alternative to the iPhone.

Together with the rumors of an improved camera for the iPhone from 2 megapixels to 3.2 megapixels, and video recording capabilities, it does make sense that Apple is looking to include the technology into more of their devices to entice more customers to upgrade from their current iPod models to the next generation gadget.

The improved wireless network component chip to support low-power 802.11n network connection will also improve battery life of the iPod Touch and increase the possibilites in terms of using camera for everything from online chat, image sharing, and gaming across the iPod Touch, truly turning it into the “funnest iPod ever”.

There is no doubt, the 3rd gen iPod Touch will very likely be an upgrade worth the money.


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9 Responses to "Camera and low-power 802.11n wireless network for 3rd gen iPod Touch"

  1. Jim says:

    My knee-jerk response to news like this is: “That figures, since I’ve already bought the 2nd gen iPod Touch and am dying for a camera built into it”, but then I remind myself that if I bought the 3rd gen Touch I’d eventually be upset because the 4th gen Touch has a new feature I just “have to have”.

  2. johnny fishnchips says:

    so what if the OS 3.0 firmware for ipod touch n iphone 3gs isnt what most wanted. At least there are improvements to the gadgets. =/ Personally I like my 1st G ipod touch better since it doesnt feel as cheap as the 2g version. I have the 3gs and like it since it appears to have a faster internet browsing chip within :)

  3. kncjr says:

    I sure wish I knew when the Ipod Touch 3g was coming out.

  4. javier says:

    this is great news for ipod touch users who dont want to shell out the extra money for an iphone…im very content with my regular phone and would love the touch to have faster speed and camera!

  5. joe says:

    apple usually introduces new ipods sometime in september
    i kinda wish i had realized this before i got my ipod touch 2nd gen yesterday…

  6. Zach Wasson says:

    Hahah, me too. I also bought a 2nd gen yesterday. I got it really cheap on ebay though, 8 gig for $142.50 because the seller forgot the passcode and thinks that he needs to bring it to an apple store and there are none near him. I’ll probably end up selling it for even more just before the 3rd generation comes out to someone who doesn’t know about it yet and then go get one. It also depends on how true these rumors are. I’ll be lokking for serious upgrades from the 2nd generation if I decide to invest in it.

  7. seiya says:

    If Apple is bent on doing this, you can guarantee I’ll be sprinting to my nearest Apple store for it. I long for the iPod to have that little feature, for a long time. Though, I’ll lust for it even more if it came with a mic. But that’ll make the Touch just another iPhone, but far more slimmer. X[

    I too, had the 2nd gen, but I was totally bored with it. There wasn’t much you can do. So once I heard news of the camera app being added to the 3rd gen, I’m kinda excited. Let’s hope Apple is going to be nice and listen to us.

  8. Dom says:

    9.9.09 my birthday and when apple make an anouncement think about, guy in the apple store said not to buy an ipod yet and to wait until after 9.9.09

  9. ZC says:

    @Zach Wasson

    “because the seller forgot the passcode and thinks that he needs to bring it to an apple store and there are none near him”

    That translates to:

    Because the seller stole it, doesn’t know the passcode, and is afraid to take it to anyone for help because he thinks he’ll get caught, so he’s just settling for $142.50 and passing the stolen merchandise onto you.

    But hey. Someone’s loss = your gain.

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