3rd generation iPhone likely to be just an upgrade

Following some leaked screenshots and information on a chinese mobile phone forum several sources have today been talking about the 3rd generation iPhone likely to be just a moderate upgrade of the current iPhone 3G, with improved memory being one of the key upgrades to a 32gb iPhone.

Screenshot of possible 3rd gen iPhoneAccording to the source, the 3rd generation iPhone will look pretty much identical to the current iPhone 3G, sporting the same 3.5 inch 480×320 display, probably crushing the dreams of the many that has been hoping for a slightly slimmer iPhone that perhaps would look more like the current 2nd generation iPod Touch as there has been plenty of those that have attempted to predict the design of next generation iPhone.

Although many might feel slightly disappointed that the 3rd generation iPhone might not feature all the glory that we have been hoping for, including potentially video recording and conferencing functionality, there are some glimmers of hope that we might get some of the new features that we have been hoping for. Appleinsider are talking about the post confirming some earlier rumors, including:

  • An upgrade of memory to 32gb – which makes a lot of sense with the increasing amount of applications and media content for the iPhone
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus (no word about the possibility of video recording or video conferencing)
  • An electronic compass (not sure what the use would be for this)
  • FM receiver

The other area that seem to be getting an upgrade is the processor, moving from a 400Mhz processor to a 600Mhz Samsung ARM processor – slightly less than the market has been expecting from the 3rd generation iPhone. There is also talk about an ugrade in system RAM from 128MB to 256MB.

Now it still remains to be seen if this latest posting is actually true or just someone trying to make some extra money on posting a rumor, if so, a well orchestrated one. We will keep following this case to bring the latest news as there is less than a month to go before Apple holds their WWDC where it is expected that the 3rd generation iPhone will be announced.


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