Is the rumored 3G enabled iPod Touch really the iPhone 4s

There have been plenty of rumors flying around about a possible lower cost iPhone 4s in the recent months, and the 3G enabled iPod Touch rumor has been around since what feels like the dawn of time (more like the launch of the iPhone). But could it be that we are talking about one and the same device?

iPhone 4s might be an iPod Touch with 3G enabled

It is Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore that in a report speculates that Apple will be launching two new iPhones this fall, including what he describes as an iPod Touch with a cellular antenna, or basically a 3G enabled iPod Touch. The reasoning behind this thinking is that it would allow Apple to get a device into the smartphone market that could sell for as little as $300 without a contract, and still provide a healthy 50% margin compared to production cost.

Earlier the speculation has been that the iPhone 4s would keep the design of the iPhone 4, but with some internal changes, and come in one version; an 8gb iPhone 4s. Could it be that some of the case leaks we have seen over recent months reflecting a thinner iPhone could actually be for this device and not for the iPhone 5? Probably not, but we can’t rule it out.

What does this potentially mean for the future of the iPod Touch? We could still see a 5th generation iPod Touch, but i would not expect any major changes. In fact it could well be that they only give it some internal improvements and add the option of a white iPod Touch 5.

Luckily 4th October is approaching fast as at the moment we get more questions than answers from the rumor mill.

[source: Cultofmac]


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