3G iPhone demand leads to supply shortage

We have earlier told you about the huge demand for the new 3g iPhone that will hit stores tomorrow Friday the 11th July. A recent story from The Telegraph however reveals that shortage in supply due to high demand might lead to some customers having to wait until the end of summer to get their new iPhone.

O2 which has the exclusive right to distribute the iPhone in the UK has now warned customers that they might have to wait a few weeks to get their iPhone as the initial supply does not meet the demand from the market. They say that there is a limited number of the new 3g iPhones available at launch this friday, but that they are working with Apple to ensure that more iPhones will be delivered on a weekly basis ensuring that all customers should be able to receive theirs within the end of the summer.

Estimates are that O2 have received 50,000 of the new 3G iPhone so far, which considering pre-launch interest from over 120,000 is not a very high number.  O2 also confirms that there will only be a few dozen of the new 3G iPhone at each store, so we recommend people to be their early tomorrow, or perhaps tonight, should they want to ensure they get their new 3G iPhone tomorrow.

Given the fact that the new 3G iPhone is launched simultaneously across over 20 countries around the world it is to be expected that initial supply could be a bit short, but one should also consider that it is a deliberate strategy from Apple and it UK partner O2 to do it this way. By keeping it a bit exclusive they keep the interest up, not to mention all the media coverage this delivers, which is pretty much free advertising for the iPhone as most of it is very positive. For the consumer it might be a blessing in disguise as well as it will give you a chance to see what other consumers think about it before you committ yourself to the investment.


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