32gb iPod Touch Index – Japan lowest priced

The first iPod index was introduced by one of Australia’s largest banks, The Commonwealth Bank, using the price of the iPod Nano 4G to compare global currencies and purchasing power. Since then several other iPod Indexes have appeared and we figured we could not be any worse ourselves, so we created our own 32GB iPod Touch Index.

Our 32GB iPod Touch Index does not cover exactly the same countries as the originial iPod Index, but we are working on covering more markets. We used available price comparison sites in the respective countries to find what should be close to the lowest price for each market. Prices and currency conversion are as per 19th June 2008.

Country Local currency price Convertion rate Price in GBP
United Kingdom 295.00 1.0000 295.00
United States 460.00 0.5070 233.22
France 430.00 0.7860 337.98
Germany 389.00 0.7860 305.75
Austria 399.00 0.7860 313.61
Sweden 4203.00 0.0837 351.79
Denmark 3398.00 0.1054 358.15
Spain 449.00 0.7860 352.91
italy 459.00 0.7860 360.77
Holland 415.00 0.7860 326.19
Norway 3456.00 0.0978 338.00
Australia 509.00 0.4814 245.03
Canada 500.00 0.4995 249.75
Brasil 1350.00 0.3156 426.06
Japan 49000.00 0.0047 230.03

As we can see there are quite big differences between the lowest priced and the highest priced. Japan comes out on top with a price of £230, while Brazil has the highest price on the 32gb iPod Touch at £426.

For those of you planning to buy a new 32gb iPod Touch on holiday in Europe this summer we can report that UK has the lowest price in the Europe. To see where to buy the 32gb iPod Touch cheapest in the UK, take a look at our best price 32gb iPod Touch 2G table.

There are many factors influencing the difference in prices, such as the competitive market in the respective area, but also Apple’s own pricing strategy. Apple recently came under criticism in Australia for failing to pass on the benefits of the strong Australian dollar according to smh.com.au

You can see the CommSec iPod Index here…


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