The 32gb iPhone likely to be confirmed in June

Ever since the reality of the rumors about a next generation iPhone became more realistic with the references in the new iPhone OS 3.0, there has been a lot of speculation of what the next generation iPhone would bring to the table that would be new. An upgrade of memory has always been one of the key requests from the iPhone public, and with the latest news of Apple cleaning up the market for 8gb NAND flash chips, the hottest rumors are that the 32gb iPhone is just around the corner.

As it is expected that Apple will announce the next iPhone upgrade at the developer conference in June, the 32gb iPhone might be just a couple of months away, although we are quire sure that a memory upgrade will not be the only feature of the next iPhone.

A memory upgrade makes sense in more than one way, as some of the other expected features are an improved camera and video recording functionality, both features that will require more memory for storage and processing.

Sources online are reporting that Apple’s recent flash memory order represents twice the volume as was ordered in advance of the release of the iPhone 3G, which further hints at a memory upgrade  for the next iPhone. It is also rumored that the increased purchase of NAND memory could be another step towards the much expected 64gb iPod Touch sometime later this year.

We will continue to have our ear to the ground and report any news or rumors around the next iPhone and iPod Touch.


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