3 systems I would like to see get Apple AirPlay [wishlist]

The recent months have seen a few Apple AirPlay sound systems get launched into the market, and several more announced for October release. There is however still room for more AirPlay speakers in the market, and i can think of at least 3 systems that i would like to see get Apple AirPlay support in the coming months.

1. Geneva Sound Model S-XL AirPlay

I have always been a fan of the work Geneva Lab has done to deliver high-quality speaker docks to the market with their range of Geneva Sound speaker docks, from the entry level Model S to the high powered Model XL. They are statements in both design and sound, but has been lacking the streaming capabilities that is becoming increasingly important in peoples decision making process, including Apple AirPlay.

I raised the question of AirPlay plans to Geneva Labs on their Facebook page, and although there has been no official response, a reply from a person that is listed as working for Geneva Labs in Uruguay says there are plans to bring AirPlay to the Model XL speaker. If so it will be an AirPlay speaker at the highest range of the price range we have seen so far, as the current XL model retails at around £1,700.

2. Fidek iBigBoy with AirPlay

I’ve had the pleasure of spending some quality time with the Fidek iBigBoy 2 speaker dock, a system that delivers sound as big as its size.  Definitely one of the bulkier speaker docks on the market, but in my opinion it represents a great value for money, as systems with that amount of power and sound quality does not come much cheaper than this. Like the other systems on this list though, it lacks streaming capabilities, so i’m hoping that we will soon see a Fidek iBigBoy AirPlay in the market.

3. B&O BeoSound 8 AirPlay

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 is one of my favourites when it comes to design, and it does not sound bad either. But any modern sound system should offer opportunities to take full advantage of the range of audio capabilities of the iOS range, including AirPlay streaming. The BeoSound 8 was launched to target the iPad market, and you get the best value of your iPad when you have the chance to control the music from the palm of your hand, using the device as it is meant to be used; wirelessly.

We are already seeing other Danish audio brands embracing Apple AirPlay, including the iconic Libratone Live & Lounge, so it is time legendary Bang & Olufsen follows in their innovative footsteps.

Other honorary mentions

The above 3 represents the systems that i would most like to see getting Apple AirPlay, but there are a few other traditional iPod speaker docks that could do with getting AirPlay, so these are my predictions, or list of additional future AirPlay speakers:

  • B&W Zeppelin Mini AirPlay
  • Arcam rCube AirPlay
  • Vita Audio AirPlay

I’m sure many of you can think of other more traditional iPod speaker systems that could do with getting Apple AirPlay streaming, so feel free to give me your selection by leaving a comment below.


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