3 new speaker docks from Xtrememac coming soon

You can tell that we are getting close to peak shopping season for consumer electronics as there are new products coming left, right, and center, including these 3 new speaker dock solutions from Xtrememac.

All of these new Xtrememac iPod speaker docks are expected out in October and priced towards the low and mid-range market where there is a high volume of interest.

Xtrememac Luna Yoyager II

A nice little bookshaped alarm speaker dock that takes up little space and fits perfectly at the bedside table with its dual alarm clock functionality, FM radio, and top-mounted docking station that supports most iPod / iPhone / iPad models. Use in combination with the Luna Yoyager iOS app for enchanced functionlity. There is a small display at the front of the flat panel speaker dock that displays time etc.

Xtrememac Luna Yoyager II

Xtrememac Soma Stand

A new pyramid shaped foldable portable speaker dock from Xtrememac that can run off both AC power as well as batteries. The mid-mounted docking station supports iPad docking as well as iPhone / iPod. Running on replaceable batteries you get about 6 hours of playing time. The clever part with this speaker dock is the foldable design and the side mounted speakers.

Xtrememac Soma Stand speaker dock

Xtrememac Soma Travel

This is a truly portable solution that is small, has a retractable docking station that supports docking of iPad, and can run off the power of the docked device itself instead of AC or battery power. According to Xtrememac themselves you should be able to get over 30-hours of playback from a fully charged iPhone 4 on this unit (that is more than i’m getting from normal use at the moment).

Xtrememac Soma Travel speaker dock

[source: Engadget]


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