2G iPod Touch faster than iPhone

Most people have thought the new 2g iPod Touch and the 3G iPhone to be similar in performance on the same platform, but a new test from game producer Handheld Games Corp shows that the iPod Touch processor works faster than on the iPhone when playing their new game Touchsport Tennis.

Apparently part of the difference lies in the fact that Apple quietly boosted the processor speed of the 2g iPod Touch to 532Mhz, while the iPhone and the older iPod Touch is running on 412 Mhz.

So if you are looking to do some gaming on your iPod Touch you are probably better off buying the new 2g iPod Touch than the slightly cheaper 1st generation iPod Touch that is still available to buy from selected merchants.


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One Response to "2G iPod Touch faster than iPhone"

  1. iPodTekki says:

    well, i guess that makes sense, but i just hope when apple makes the 3rd generation iPod Touch they wont take away the awesome fastness.

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