240GB upgrade for the 5th gen iPod Video

If you have filled up the 80GB available on your 5th gen iPod Video/Classic, then you might be interested in hearing about a company in the US specialising in repairing iPod’s that can now upgrade your 5th gen iPod Video to 240GB (Source: NBC Los Angeles).

For most people one would assume that 80GB of music would be more than enough, but we all know the ones that just have too much music and videos that they want to put on their iPod then there is capacity for. The solution might lie with US iPod repair company Rapid Repair, which has now announced the first ever 240GB upgrade for the 5th generation iPod Video.

Just to put things in perspective, 240GB is enough to hold 60,000 hours of music or 300 hours of video at normal size and resolution. Or as the article explains, it would cost you $57,000 to fill up the iPod with 4mb music files costing $0.99 each, a tough task for the most avid music fan these days.

No official price for the upgrade has been announced yet, as the upgrade is still in testing with an expected release in a few weeks time, but early estimates are in the $300 range.

If based in the UK upgrading your 5th gen iPod Video to 240GB might be far fetched as you would have to ship your iPod to Michigan, USA, and pay for shipping and handling in addition to the cost of the 240gb upgrade. Although the storage capacity is not the same, perhaps upgrading to the new 120GB iPod Classic is a better option. According to your best price 120gb iPod Classic table, it is now available from £162 in the UK.


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  1. That’s very interesting however how much does it cost for the update?

  2. Forget about the classic ipod, itouch rules now .

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