32gb iPhone becoming a reality + O2 might loose exclusivety

We have earlied talked about the likelyhood that one of the upgrades on the 3rd generation iPhone will be a storage upgrade to a 32gb iPhone, and with June just around the corner there are more and more evidence surfacing supporting the rumors that the 32gb iPhone 3G is ready to hit the market this summer.

One of the new 32gb iPhone rumors comes from Appleinsider that reports that the upgraded iPhone is listed as part of an upgrade program for the Blackberry with AT&T in the US. The site that runs the upgrade opportunity has a listing of “iPhone 32gb 3G“. Now many will argue that this could just be a mistake by the company listing it, or indeed a deliberate mistake, but it is also supported by another “mishap” by T-Mobile Austria that briefly displayed a 32gb iPhone on their website recently.

T-Mobile Austria mistakenly reveals iPhone 32gb

Althought many would welcome an upgrade to 32gb iPhone this summer i think most of us will be very disappointed if that is the only upgrade along with the previously released  iPhone OS 3.0. The news might not happen at the WWDC, but perhaps later in June when Jobs is expected to be back in range at Apple, but it is expected that some of the features of the 3rd generation iPhone will be an improved camera with video recording capabilities, improved processor and network speeds, and possible but more unlikely, background processing of iPhone apps.

Now for our UK readers that have lived with the O2 exlusivety on the iPhone, there might be change coming as rumors has it that O2 will be getting the exclusive deal on the Palm Pre, which has left Apple with little choice than to take the exclusive next generation iPhone away from them according to the ITProPortal.

There is no doubt that from a consumer standpoint there would be nothing better than to get the next generation iPhone across more than just one network, as it would increase competition between networks, which as we all know equals better offers for us as users. For Apple it should also equal more cash coming in as it would open up their iPhone to more users, which again will spread the use of their other services and most likely secure an improved future lifetime value of each unit sold.

These are all still rumors, but luckily we should be getting some answers in the next month or so.


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