2010: An Apple Odyssey – What to expect in the new year

We want to take this opportunity to wish all our readers and followers a happy new year, and to reflect on what 2010 will bring us, and our prediction is that it will be another stellar year for Apple and all us Apple fans out there as news and rumors indicate some great upgrades and some new additions to the product line in 2010.

Although no numbers are confirmed yet, everything indicate that Apple has had a massive year riding the success of the iPhone, the iPod line up, including big Christmas success for the iPod Touch, the MacBooks, and not to mention the massive success of the iTunes App Store, with well over 100k apps available and a couple of billion downloads, creating a new economy on its own as developers across the world is seeking app-klondike.

What made that possible though is two brilliant products; the iPhone and the iPod Touch, both got upgrades in 2009, with the iPhone 3GS perhaps being the most significant one.

So what does 2010 have waiting for the iPhone? Well, the rumors are already doing their tour online about the iPhone 4G getting ready for a summer launch, possibly featuring a 5 megapixel camera, a memory upgrade to 64gb, and of course the possibility of 4G network capability. Apparently the first tests of iPhone 4G have taken place in the San Francisco area already, although it is important to stress that these are only rumors at the moment. Some of the other things we could expect is of course faster processing, and we can always cross our fingers that Apple has finally been able to sort out the issues with background processing of applications, allowing us to finally run several apps at the same time.

But it is not all about the iPhone 4G, as we could also see some early improvements to the iPhone 3GS, including the release of an 8GB iPhone 3GS to replace the current 8GB iPhone 3G. Other upgrades that have received some attention is the possible FM radio functionality already built into the iPhone 3GS that might be opened up in a firmware release, sure to be welcomed by all iPhone owners.

For the iPod Touch it was a year of big expectations for the fall launch of the 3rd generation iPod Touch, which pretty much everyone expected to feature a camera, just to be a tad dissappointed when the announcement came that the camera would have to wait. Apple and Steve Jobs seems very focused on making the iPod Touch into a leading gaming platform, so the iPod Touch 3G got upgrades in processing speed, graphics, and improved memory. On top of that there was improvements in pier to pier gaming functionality. Since then the iPod Touch camera rumors have once again resurfaced, with speculations that Apple has finally found a solution to the issues with the camera for the iPod Touch, getting ready for an upgrade to come out sometime in spring 2010. Other than that we should expect another memory upgrade sometime this year to 128GB as new flash memory improvements have made that a possibility.

Except for the iPhone 4G, the product on everyones lips these days, rumored to get a January 26th launch, is the Apple iSlate, also know as the Apple Tablet. This is one of those products that have received so much focus in the rumor mills without any clear indications from Apple themselves that the product actually exists. The latest rumor is that it will get the product name iSlate, but even the information behind these rumors are very much speculations, and until Apple actually makes an announcement it will continue to be speculations.

Apple iSlate illustration

Apple has indicated a product event to take place towards end of January 2010 where they are likely, or not, to announce a 7inch tablet solution, which is referred to as the iSlate.  There is also a possibility that it will feature a 10inch version, just like there is a possibility that all we who speculate around this is wrong. At the moment i think there is only one thing we can say for sure, and that is that whatever Apple throws at us at the moment it is going to be a product that will receive a lot of attention, and ultimately drive sales.

What are your predictions for Apple products in 2010? Comment on our views and share your knowledge with the rest of us below.


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One Response to "2010: An Apple Odyssey – What to expect in the new year"

  1. retry4 says:

    I expect the apple tablet to be called an iPad. It will offer all the functinality of a MacBook air but in a seven and ten inch touch display. I hope it comes out at the latest scedualed media event (January 26th). Sales of the iPad will skyrocket and it will completely change the mobile market.


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