20,000 reasons to visit iTunes App Store

Are you looking for a reason to check out the iTunes App Store or buy an iPod Touch or an iPhone? How about we give you 20,000 reasons. Less than a month after the iTunes App Store reached the milestone of half a billion downloads and around 15,000 applications in the library, they have now announced that the iTunes App Store has hit 20,000 available applications for download.

20,000 reasons to join the iPhone revolution

We will not even attempt to go through the whole list of 20,000 applications for the iPod Touch and the iPhone, as you can imagine not all of them are worth even mentioning as they are rather useless and early attempts by up and coming iPhone App developers dreaming of becoming millionaires. But we will share with you some of the best of the 20,000 reasons to visit the iTunes App Store.

Skype for iPod Touch

As soon as it was announced that you could download third party applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch 2G, people started searching the internet for applications that would allow you to use Skype the devices. It took a bit of time, but finally Skype functionality was made available through Apps such as Fring with Skype and TruPhone.

Google App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Google is never shy of jumping on to the latest technological trends, and it did not take long until Google released some of their most popular services in an App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Google App allows you to access your mail, calendar, docs, news, reader, photos, maps, YouTube, and Google Earth etc. ensuring that your fav Google applications are only a touch away.

Barfly guide to worlds best bars and nightclubs

Found yourself in a city that you don’t know that well and wondering what places to go for a drink or dancing? Barfly App is there to help you by using geolocation to tell you what the best bars and nightclubs around your location can be located. Have tested it in several cities around the UK and it does indeed bring up my favourite bars at least.

Brushes App for artwork

Create beautiful artwork and share it with the world through the Brushes App for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Wobble App

Wobble does exactly what it says it will, it brings wobbling fun to the iPhone and iPod Touch by allowing you to wobble bodyparts (boobs) etc of images on your device. A bit juvenile, but lots of fun!

Amazon.com shopping application

Unfortunately this app is not available in the UK yet, but when it comes we are sure it will be a huge success among shoppers still not cleared out by the financial crisis. This app lets you find and compare products through the app and buy with the touch of a finger.

Facebook App

Facebook is truly addictive on the computer, and now you can have access through your favourite social network right there on your iPhone and iPod Touch to keep track of what your friends are doing.


My recent addition to my iPod Touch is Tweetie, which is one of the best ranked Twitter Apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. See what your friends are up to and share your random thoughts and insights with the rest of the Twitter world.

But don’t just take our word for it, go to the iTunes App Store and take a look for yourself and find out how many reasons you need to join the iPod and iPhone revolution. And in case you don’t own either of them yet, you can check out our best price iPod Touch 2G table here, and a guide to best deals on iPhone 3G in UK here.


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