2 million Apple iPads in 59 days – early UK sales look strong

59 days since the official US launch of the Apple iPad, Steve Jobs and Apple can report that over 2 million Apple iPad units have been sold of their latest innovation.

This is almost exactly a month after Apple announced selling one million iPads, so the sales have continued to be strong after the initial sales hype. Considering that the Apple iPad went international only a few days ago the sales will largely be US based, so it is showing impressive form.

Early indications in the UK are that first day sales were strong. No official numbers have come out from Apple yet as to UK launch weekend, but reports from MacWorld for example indicates that several of the Apple premium resellers that received stocks of the Apple iPad had queues of people outside, somewhere people spending the night outside to secure their Apple iPad on launch day. Other places shops had to open early as the queues were growing longer and longer.

It is also reported that it is the 30+ consumers that have shown the biggest interest in the Apple iPad in the UK so far. It makes sense though that it is that group that will be early adopters of the latest Apple gadget, as the price tag can be a bit high for students etc.

Some of the shops struggled with demand being higher than received stock levels, but some places it also created opportunities to upsell to the more expensive models as customers were dead set to get their hands on an Apple iPad, and therefore willing to buy a higher spec model than they were originally after it it was no longer available.

We will be back with official sales figures as soon as they are released.

Both Apple and their resellers might have more good times to look forward to in June, as Apple are likely to announce the launch of the new Apple iPhone 4G at WWDC on the 7th June.


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