85000 apps and 2 billion downloads for the Apple App Store

Apple today announced that their iTunes App Store has reached 2 billion downloaded applications and over 85,000 apps available to download for iPhone and iPod Touch owners, hitting an incredible milestone at record pace with over half a billion downloaded apps in just the last quarter.

The massive success comes on the back of strong worldwide sales of both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, over 50 million in total. With Apple announcing the improved new iPod Touch it is expected that sales of these popular devices will continue to grow, fueling further growth for the iTunes App Store.

In the UK it has just been announced that Orange will sell the iPhone later this year, making them the second mobile network to feature the iPhone, increasing the market potential of the Apple iPhone by millions of customers.

3 weeks ago when Apple held their iPod and iTunes event, Steve Jobs was on stage talking about 1.8 billion downloaded apps, and now weeks later the figure is 2 billion, making it a staggering 200 million downloads in just 3 weeks. Not many can beat sales figures like that, and it is just expected to continue to rise as both the quantity and quality of available applications improves at a fast pace.


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One Response to "85000 apps and 2 billion downloads for the Apple App Store"

  1. Wazza102 says:

    I bet majority of the downloads were free anyway.

    But good news for the growing AppStore

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