Me and 13 million others can’t be wrong – the iPod Touch is great!

When Apple held their iPhone OS 3.0 event last week they opened up a world of new rumors around functionality, new generation iPhone, new iPod Touch 3rd gen, but they also shared some sales figures with the press and the audience showing 13 million units of the iPod Touch sold and 17 million iPhones (including the original one).

Although the iPhone has stolen most of the limelight in the last few months and weeks, especially following the launch of the new iPhone OS 3.0 and the rumors of the next generation iPhone coming in June, the iPod Touch are steadily taking big chunks out the market as well, establishing itself as the ‘funnest iPod ever’ and becoming a serious threat to other handheld gaming platforms. Just earlier this week the popular UK tv programme, the gadget show, declared the iPod Touch as the best handheld gaming solution thanks to the great accelerometer functionality and the myriad of applications and games available to download. We have our own list of best iPod Touch apps and free games as well that was posted a while back and is now ready for an update.

At the moment we are 13 million strong and most likely we will be growing even faster if the rumors are true that a new 3rd generation iPod Touch will hit the market sometime this year. But before then we can take advantage of the great new features of the iPhone OS 3.0 that will be available for iPod Touch owners this summer, for a small fee as always, including bluetooth for iPod Touch with enhanced peer to peer gaming.


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