10 million iPad Mini’s reported to be in production

Following last week’s report that the iPad Mini was already in production, WSJ are now reporting that Apple has placed initial orders for 10 million units of the new 7.85-inch iPad Mini with their suppliers.

In the last quarter Apple sold 17 million units of the current iPad models, so placing early orders of 10 million tells us that Apple believes the new device will be very popular and hopefully fly off the shelves when (if) it becomes available in time for peak Christmas trade.

The new iPad Mini is likely to have a more limited technical features to keep the price competitive with its main challengers in the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, including a non-retina display, all though that could be proven wrong given the retina display on the new iPod Touch.

Analysts predicts that the iPad Mini is unlikely to provide big numbers on the company’s bottom line, but is instead about preventing loss of market share to competitors and to build further on the wider ecosystem that Apple has built up around their devices.

Rumours are still that Apple will hold an event for the new iPad Mini in the second half of October.

[Source: WSJ]


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